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Why to have a mobile friendly version of your website?

Why to have a mobile friendly version of your website?

by Vijay Jain

With an increasing world population and increasing number of people with mobile or cell phones, it is important to understand how having a mobile friendly version of your website can have a significant improvement on your forthcoming annual revenues.

This means that your mobile website should be compatible with all kinds of mobile devices being manufactured. It is usually the case that the website works fine with the mobile phones that have an average screen width, but does not work properly with the iPads or mini computers whose screen width is relatively small than the laptops.

Mobile phone in hand
Mobile phone

If you are a company that partially depends on the ranking of your website on the search engines, then having a mobile friendly version of the website is must and should not be neglected. For example, Google, in their website ranking algorithm, takes all of these factors into consideration to decide on what page should this website be listed for the keywords at hand.

It is recommended to have a separate version of the same website for the mobile users, removing the unwanted flashy stuffs to avoid slow load times and displaying what is truly important.

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