What define a Digital Entrepreneur

Article written by Dick Scott.

My definition of a entrepreneur is one who dare to dream and follow the dream no matter what it takes. Even if you stand there alone you wont quit until you have reached your dream. Your dream and your goal is something that has to feel right and resonate with your own beliefs. Noone else should define it for you, not society or relatives or friends.

It is common to follow everyone else without knowing what we really want. Neither do we consider a positive change in our life as possible. Often we hold on to those things we do not want without knowing it. We use our imagination in frightful ways painting us a picture of what we fear instead of what we love and desire.

The choise is ours to make and it is important to use our mind in the right way because it is a strong force, stronger then most of us think of. There are a famous entrepreneur that you probably know about named Henry Ford who constructed the V8 engine. He had a team that wanted to stop and give up more then once but he´s persistence kept them going because he had a clear vision and was determined to make it real no matter what and finally they succeeded in creating 8 cylinders in one engine. It may not be so impressive nowadays but the principle is the same for whatever dream you have .



Everything you can think of you can also accomplish in life if you dont quit. Another thing that is important is to work in a team of skilled and professional people who have the same goal. Dont think you have to do everything yourself, the most successful people outsource whatever task they dont master fully and use their time to develop what they are best of. Entrepreneurs are often visionary and have dreams they want to forfill and create but seldom play all the strings themself. You can liken it to a bandmaster who controls an orchestra.

If this describtion resonates with you then you can apply it to the new digital revolution that has evolved over the past years. If you see the big picture we are literally changing how we do business in a fast pace. Everyone can learn and take advantage of this new era using the digital sale system that the six figure mentors are offering. You dont need to trade your time for money anymore and your business will run 24/7 almost on autopilot when it is properly arranged and set up. If this seems exciting then your most likely  entreprenurial and that´s going to take you to what level of achievement you want.

To Your Success

Dick Scott

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