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Why You Must Provide Value to Other to Make Money

Why You Must Provide Value to Other to Make Money

by Thorsten Gregon

A good job usually comes with a good salary. However, it is important not to lose one’s passion and enthusiasm for the job or else mediocrity will take place. This is a dangerous scenario, especially now that there is uncertainty in the stock market. It is vital therefore, that one needs to constantly prove his worth in order for the boss to keep him.

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Whatever job you may hold, it is vital that you always strive for excellence. Finish your assignments ahead of time if possible. If you can’t do it, at least don’t go past the deadline. Accomplish your work with a high standard so that there will be no errors that could possibly crop up. Avoid cutting corners because doing so can be detrimental to any project. If you’re boss finds out that you have been doing it, you might even get fired.

Be punctual during business meetings. There is no such thing as being fashionably late in beginning or closing important negotiations. Make yourself look presentable by pressing your business attires or office uniforms. Have your shoes polished and fix your hair so that the overall look projects a successful personality. Looking like a slacker will definitely not help your cause.

The next few paragraphs will explain in detail the important rationales on why you must provide value to others in order to make money. Read on and learn from an industry insider.

Why You Must Provide Value To Other To Make Money

First of all, it will help you maintain your job. Everybody is aware that the economy is in a shaky situation today. Even institutions with a solid history are feeling the pinch of the economic crisis and laying off their workers. If you are worried about this scenario, look back if you have performed in a noteworthy way. If you answer yes, then you must feel confident that you will not receive the dreaded pink slip. More often than not, bosses know who are working well and who are dillydallying until payday arrives. They are not exactly blind to what’s happening outside their offices.

Not only that, if you are a hard worker, your market value will increase over time. You will be promoted or you may remain in the same position but get an increase in salary or additional perks like bonuses and vacation trips. Of course, it’s not going to happen overnight, which is why you have to toil for months or years. Doesn’t this sound like a good reason to do well?

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Third, it will heighten your self-confidence. If you are the type of professional who knows that you are getting better and better every single day, you will radiate a happy aura. It will manifest itself in the way you talk to your boss as well as your subordinates. Confidence will be spelled in the secure way that you carry yourself.

Fourth, providing value to others in order to make money will make your clients keep coming back for more. This means additional projects and ultimately, income. They can even refer you to their colleagues in the industry. Who knows? You might land multi-million dollar worth projects from a single referral. Remember that a word of mouth referral is a highly effective way of building up your reputation as a leader in the market.

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