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Attraction marketing!

Written by Dick Scott

“You may have heard of attraction marketing but never really understood what this term means or how to apply it effectively to your business!” What it means in simple terms is that instead of chasing people to your business they will chase you. How is that possible? Because of attraction marketing; a course that is within The Six Figure Mentors digital sale system.

The concept is about giving value to your client and also present what your business is about in clear terms. That will automatically attract the right kind of people. If you try to sell to everyone you wont sell to anyone. It is crucial to identify your customer and their needs to be able to provide value for them.

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It is essential to build trust and relationships in business because people follow leaders who know what they want and who also can help others to achieve their dreams. Ask yourself this question: am I a leader or a follower. If you identify yourself as a leader then nothing should hold you back from showing the world what you have to give. If you identify yourself as a follower as most of us are you may be satisfied with what you have and the life you live and thats okey.

So remember that if you want to be able to earn money then you will attract people by offering something of value. You can never build a sustainable business by focus on money but money will come as a natural result of giving value and helping people with what they want and need.

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Digital Currency: Bitcoin.

Written by Dick Scott.

There has been a lot going on regarding digital currencies the  last years. What seems to be the one to stay is Bitcoin due to the fact that it has been alive since 2009. A norwegian student bought Bitcoin to the value of 150 NOK in 2009 and when he checked the account four years later was it worth 1,1 million NOK. Not to bad;)

One thing to remember is to be cautious in choosing a serious bitcoin-switching service. There are a newly formed Bitcoin Association with Mats Henricson as chairman. They can give advice and information about issues regarding to bitcoin.


There are many things happening behind the scenes regarding global currency and the economic system which im sure will be beneficial for all of us. Those interested further can google Nesara or OPPT The time has come when our human value will be the core value in our society and money will serve us instead of the other way around. Citizen’s basic income is something that is discussed more and more in many nations.

In closing and as a summary one can say that digital is a word that is used more and more in our world of today. It doesn´t mean we are becoming digitilized as humans but my hope is that if we use the digital technology in the right way can we free ourselves and use more of our time to care for eachother and for solidarity between humans and nations worldwide.

To Your Success

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