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Article Marketing For Your Online Business?

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Article Marketing For Your Online Business?
by Jon Allo

Article marketing is an online business marketing strategy where you supply written content about your business to article directories and ezine owners who then publish that content on the Internet for free. This generates a link back to your website, which can drive traffic to your website. Article marketing also assists your search engine rankings when people are searching for something that is related to your article’s content.

A few years ago, you could very easily produce an article of a few hundred words then send the identical article to a bunch of different article directories. But, as a growing number of second-rate article directories began starting online with no editorial criteria, the results on the search engines started to become very poor. In 2011 Google decided to try and control the poor quality search results coming from these low standard article directories and released the Panda and Penguin updates. These oddly named updates were developed to filter out pages from article directories that had very low on-page reader time, high exit rates, poor quality links and identical versions of the same article. So the question has to be, is article marketing still relevant today?

  • Is Article Marketing Still Relevant Today?

Article marketing is still effective for your online business strategy when used correctly. Here are 6 article marketing tips that will help you use this online business marketing strategy to its full advantage:

1. Successful article marketing comes from producing valuable and relevant content.

A bad article is one with a load of pointless waffle in the hope that somebody may click on the link contained within it and visit your website. A good article should provide valuable information that a reader will want to share it with somebody else, or save it because it is beneficial to them.

2. Increase your volume of article marketing.

You may not rank really very well in the search engines with 5 or 6 articles, but increasing the amount of content you place online can help boost traffic to your online business website.

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3. Consider writing a press releases as well as an article.

A press release is an article that’s designed like a story for a newspaper. It usually is fact-based, and includes a few quotes from sources (one of which could be you as the expert). Just like Internet marketing articles, you can issue a press release on the Internet for free or use a paid PR service. Your press release needs to answer who, what, when, where, why and how, and you should still include a link to your website.

4. You can post your articles to your own websites.

This is basically a form of blogging. Owning your own content certainly helps search engines view your domain as an authority figure.

5. Get your articles published in ezines.

There are hundreds of different ezines online, and there will be ones that suit the market for your online business. Most ezine editors are happy to provide you with a link to your website in exchange for the content you provide.

6. When creating content for article marketing

Make sure you follow the rules and guidelines for what the directory owner wants and then polish your submission before sending it over for possible inclusion. Do not send the exact same article to different directories. Search engines like to provide unique content to their users and if they detect that the exact same article exists somewhere else on the Internet they will not rank it.

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