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10 Sales Trends For 2014

10 Sales Trends For 2014

by Paul Archer

I work in sales and sales coaching and operate in dozens of sales led businesses here in the UK and around the world so I get to keep my finger on the pulse. Hence I’ve ten sales trends or predictions for 2014 in the world of selling.

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1. All salesforces, whatever they’re selling, will finally realize that the customer is fully in control, not them anymore. This will have wide implications to the sales practices, helping customers to buy rather than selling to them.

2. Salesforces will begin to ditch their old fashioned sales processes for one aligned to their customer’s buying process and will gain entry much later in that cycle but will learn how to provide added value rather than be a pitcher of products or services.

3. Social media will be mastered by salespeople as a means to research their prospects more fully before making contact, using it to understand the buyer’s position in their buying cycle and thus getting in front of them earlier.

4. Sales training will continue to migrate online. MOOCs are beginning to dominate education and companies will see more of their sales development going online in the form of video and other multimedia consumed on a variety of devices — mobile, tablet, laptop. Training will be absorbed in smaller chunks and be complemented with focussed live coaching.

5. Salespeople will be adopting more channels to make contact with buyers. The usual suspects — email, instant messaging, texing, Twitter, phone, video conferencing — will be used. Email will fall in popularity as the latter stage Generation Y come to age since they don’t “dig” email.




6. Salesforces will grow by recruiting experts who sell and accidental salespeople will move into sales. The drive to add value to the buyer’s buying process will demand a greater technical knowledge and understanding of issues customers face. The capability to custom a solution to the customer’s needs is essential rather than just pitching a product. “Old fashioned” salespeople may not be up to the job.

7. Salesforces will carry out more digital marketing themselves as the gap between marketing departments and sales teams narrows. Salesforces will start to create more digital content creating “noise” all over the Internet. This will attract buyers who are in their research mode of their buying process. That way buyers will maintain control they insist upon and the salesperson becomes a valuable resource rather than a nuisance peddler of products or services.

8. We’ll all start creating more video to communicate to customers. Voice mail will be replaced with video mail so we all ought to get used to cozying up to the video camera and microphone.

9. iWatch — Apples new watch with Smartphone capability will be launched and like the iPad, will be a game changer. Salespeople will adopt them to give Star trek like communication proficiency.

10. Inside sales will continue to overtake field sales as companies drive for cost savings. Inside sales will not just be for commodity based selling but for complex long sales processes requiring in-depth analysis and value adding to the customer. With the new ways to communicate, Inside Sales forces will begin to match the dexterity of a face-to-face seller at a fraction of the cost and impact on the planet.
More Information:

Paul is an international speaker, sales trainer, author and coach based in the UK. His expertise and experience is in selling and sales coaching, his books and articles focus on rapport selling which puts the customer at the heart of the sale. Visit his website http://www.archertraining.co.uk/Sales_tips.htm to sign up for his Weekly Sales and Coaching Tips or visit his blog at http://www.paularcher.com where you’ll find his unique style of weekly

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The Secret Ingredient Missing From Your Sales And Marketing

The Secret Ingredient Missing From Your Sales And Marketing

by Peter Williamson

What is it about the word secret that makes us all lean in closer? Jeff Walker used it in his latest NY Times Bestseller Launch — An Internet Millionaire’s SECRET FORMULA. Bush’s uses it in their advertising for their Baked Beans’ Secret Ingredient. McDonald has their “secret sauce.” .. Everyone, it seems, has one.

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And you have one, too. What if I were to tell you that you have a secret ingredient you might be overlooking? A secret ingredient that will not only get you all pumped up, but will get potential customers pumped up as well, resulting in more sales and ultimately more profit. Wouldn’t you want to know what the secret to the secret is?

Of course you would, because humans, by nature, are curious. Most marketing and sales teams are taught to spell it out…spill the beans, if you will. As your business coach, today, I want to talk to you about building anticipation for your product or service and making them (your customer) excited about it, even if they don’t have to wait to get it.

Anticipation doesn’t just build up their excitement about getting your product or service; it also confirms that their decision to acquire it was a wise one. Still, anticipation without conversion is like a Lamborghini without wheels. It doesn’t go anywhere. Conversion, in sales and marketing depends on “The mental and emotional factors governing a situation or activity” – in other words, psychology.

What’s the catch phrase? “Line up your head with your heart and your feet will follow” You are lining up your customers head (logic: Do I really need this?) with the heart (emotional: But I really want it) to the simplicity to get it (Feet/Action), which are those easy-to-follow steps you’ve provided that lead them right to your business. Often, too much information is packed into efforts to “sell” a product or service, until making a simple decision to “act on their want” turns to doubt.

By now, you probably have realized that your secret ingredient is “anticipation”.

So, how do you build it? First, understand that behavioral science experiments have proven that people anticipate positive experiences over negative ones. Happy anticipation triggers a need for more dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain that blocks pain, and stimulates that excited feeling we anticipate getting something that we really want.


The Keys to Building Excitement and Anticipation: Create copy that makes people nod (positive response) when they read it, starting with a captivating headline. This builds trust (You know how I feel. You know just what I need). Examples: How to (overcome stress, increase your ROI, instantly see results, etc.), and What Every (Marketing Manager, Business Owner, Sales Exec, etc.) needs to know about ________(fill I the blank with something of value to them).

Study and know the colors, fonts, clever graphics, and positive pictures in your advertising, landing pages, sites, etc., that reflect the happiness you are anticipating your customers will feel seeing them.

Make your call to action directives positive (YES! I Want it!, Get it, NOW!.. .etc.) After all, who doesn’t want to push a “happy button”? (Think: what the “Easy Button” did for Staples.)

Before getting your readers excited, get yourself excited. That may involve changing your mindset. Do you find yourself silently chiding, “That will never work”? If that sounds like you, try actively being more positive. If you want to convert customers, for instance, you must first believe that conversion is possible. Positive thinking is a good place to start, but it is only successful if it’s backed by processes that support it. One can’t just “hope,” in other words, that something good will come from their campaign. They must plan and prepare for the campaign’s success.

What you don’t want is for your customer to have a negative experience in their anticipation of a positive one, or you’ll lose them (or spend a whole lot of money trying to get the back). Better to just avoid making that mistake, or if you do make it, don’t ever make it again. You have the tools that you need already within reach. We are humans and by nature creatures of habit. We learn to recognize patterns (shapes, landmarks, etc.) and mental triggers ( “Go, Stop, Don’t, Test, Listen) etc.

Those familiar “signs” bring us comfort and a sense of familiarity, but we also like being pleasantly surprised. That’s where anticipation comes in. What does that have to do with sales and marketing? Nobody but sales and marketing types like to get their buttons pushed. The “buttons” are the call to action buttons.

Remember, when you’ve built up a customer’s excitement about your product or service, you have to give them something easily recognizable and findable to get it, and that’s your “Got To Have It NOW” button. Under it, you add something like: “Limited Time Offer,” or “Grab While It’s Still Available,” or another urgency. The button should be prominent, easy to find (a different color than the other images or text), and have an urgency associated with it.

Give them a clear path to your door. Whether it’s a physical door you are leading them to, or a cyber door, nothing is more frustrating to a customer than not being able to get what they want when they want it. Make it easy.

Quick Recap:

* Add your secret ingredient–anticipation–and create the cycle of success that moves your product or service forward.

You get excited. .. your team gets excited. .. your customers get excited. .. your customers’ business gets you excited. .. and round and round it goes.

* Make sure your marketing copy reflects that excitement; build the anticipation.

* Give customers the easy steps to order the product or service quickly and effortlessly.

* Provide the portal to get them to your business easily.

* Provide a risk-free guarantee to make their decision an easy one

Building anticipation and excitement is not just fun and stimulating for your customers, it’s fun and stimulating for you and your sales and marketing team, too.

Now it’s your turn. Next management meeting, ask your team what they think the company’s “secret ingredient” is. They are likely to share different ideas. Pick one, or split test the top two.

Add incentives. Focus on value. Build anticipation.

More Information:

Peter Williamson, Business Coach and Master Licensee. For advice and access to proven systems that will advance your business, visit http://www.actioncoachcalteam.com/ or email Peter at Californiamktmgr@actioncoach.com

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Increase Sales Belief–Increase Sales Revenue!

Increase Sales Belief–Increase Sales Revenue!

by Chuck Bauer

Copyright (c) 2014 Chuck Bauer

Did you see the UPSETS in college football a few years ago? It all started with Appalachian State UPSETTING Michigan 34 – 32. Then. .. look what followed: Stanford UPSETS USC 24 – 23 Oregon State UPSETS California 31 – 28 Kentucky UPSETS LSU 43 – 37

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Personally, I am amused by the hoopla created by the media and pollsters as to the changing status of the #1 College Teams and all the “analysis” of why these NUMBER 1 teams are being upset at an unprecedented rate. How many times this season are we going to hear “Quite possibly the biggest UPSET of the year?

“How did this all happen? I am NOT a sports expert by any means, but the simple truth is that this topsy-turvy college football season has been caused by BELIEF! Appalachian State is the modern day “Roger Banister” story. Roger Banister BELIEVED he could beat the 4-minute mile. He did! Appalachian State had the BELIEF they could beat Michigan. They did!

Look what happened when people started to BELIEVE.Three major–and I mean MAJOR–college football UPSETS after Appalachian State beats Michigan. Over the next twelve months after Bannister broke the 4-minute mile, more than thirty people also broke that record. In fact, by now over 20,000 people have done it, including many high school athletes.

Let’s examine the Banister story a little closer. In the early 1950s, he announced to the world that he would run the mile in under four minutes. (Hello, Salespeople!–Banister was setting and declaring his goal!) Everyone thought that he had lost his mind. The sports “experts,” the medical establishment–everyone! On May 6th, 1954, he did what he said he would do. Within only one year, over 30 people ran faster than Banister himself. When asked how it was possible for so many people to run that fast so soon, Banister said “It was never a physical boundary, only a mental one.”


Sales people, this is not rocket science. This is not sports medicine. You CAN achieve the highest levels of sales revenue. You CAN become the best sales person. You CAN beat the competition. You CAN do all these things if you get your head in the game and mentally BELIEVE you can do it. Yes, certainly there are other things you have to do to be successful, just like Banister did–practice, learn, be persistent, etc. Yet, the basic foundation for success in ANYTHING you do starts with BELIEF!

7 Tips To Achieve Sales Belief and Increase Sales Revenue:

1, Set and Declare Your Sales Goals!

2. Possess a WHITE-HOT Burning Desire to Reach Your Goals

3. Reprogram Yourself With Powerful Positive Daily Self-Talk: “I know I can.. .”

4. Hang Out With Winners, Not Whiners

5. Maintain a Confident Attitude (starts with a strong personal foundation – see below)

6. Implement Good Habits and Exercise Great Sales Self-Discipline

7. Become Passionate About You, Your Product, and Your Company

Often I will receive communication from a high-level Sales Executive in regard to a salesperson who is struggling. In every case or situation, I can easily find the roadblocks that these salespeople face, many which are self-imposed–created by a lack of belief in themselves. BELIEF is a strong motivator that affects us daily, both personally and professionally, and can easily be corrected by changing one’s attitude.

Create your own “Banister” or “Appalachian State” success story. Both held a strong BELIEF in themselves and their abilities, and so can you! BELIEF, along with a steadfast commitment to being the best, will enable any salesperson to close more sales, close bigger sales, increase market share, and–most of all–give you the fortitude to do what it takes to achieve the highest levels of sales success!

Believe in yourself so your clients will believe in you!

More Information:


A published author with Wiley Publishing, Chuck’s work has been featured in numerous business magazines and websites. A licensed instrument-rated private pilot, discipline and Bikram yoga practitioner, Chuck lives in Dallas, Texas. To date, Chuck has helped well over 50 C-Level executives, hundreds of business owners, and thousands of individual salespeople work smarter, make more money, in less time!

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