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LinkedIn for Blogging

LinkedIn for Blogging

by Gabriel Ungureanu

Hi Gabe, I have my blog all set up ready to engage my audience by providing them useful information. I have a feeling I can achieve a lot if I take advantage of LinkedIn’s blog for the same purpose. What do you think?

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The key to a good content mix is to use a variety of sources and topics. Mix them up with different media formats to get the most out of them. A good way to accomplish this may be to post links to articles and other content elsewhere in one update. In another update, you can post a link to media coverage about your company. Another post may be a video showcasing hot products you feel will benefit your connections. Again, you may decide to share pictures and images from a recent event staged by your company or other industry-relevant pictures. LinkedIn actually offers a specific plugin just to connect your blog to your profile.

Blog Link

When you create a post on your blog, this plugin will automatically create a post with a link to your blog on your LinkedIn account. You don’t have to remember to create a link on your profile to announce to your followers that you’ve updated your blog. For this reason, LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting your blog.

Blog ideas
blog ideas

To make sure you’re consistently engaging your followers, try following this pattern. You can always see what works for you and come up with your own pattern.

Every month find a way to entertain your audience and make them laugh. On a bi-weekly basis, inspire your audience with your posts. Start constructive conversations weekly. This will help keep you relevant in your industry. Twice a week, teach your connections how to do something. They may already know it or not. Then about three times a week, provide relevant, useful information.

I always recommend starting a blog if you plan to engage with your audience. The purpose is to provide useful information that will benefit your readers and keep them hooked for a long time. As much as possible, post links to other content beside that from your blog. This keeps the mix interesting, and you avoid the feeling that you’re looking out only for your own interests. Post links that are relevant to your network and vary the amount of content you post. By following these tips you will engage more of your audience and create a higher quality network.

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Online Helpdesk Tips and Tricks

Online Helpdesk Tips and Tricks

by Daniel D Lotts

Empathy or ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’ (before you judge them) is always the key to inter-network communications. We have organizations that protect everyone in the ‘workplace’ from unfair treatment. Yet sometimes people are so abusive and insulting to customer service agents especially when feeling ‘anonymous’ online.

To start out with, the fact is that businesses usually make the ‘ground rules’ for a transaction. The consumers do not walk in and tell them how they are going to do things. Yet some refuse to follow simple directions or protocol when using a helpdesk. Maybe they don’t (won’t) understand because they think it is real technical to have a ‘ticket’ system. So they actually have an aversion to the instructions. They refuse to learn. Supposedly it is everyone else’s responsibility to take up the slack for that.

Yet if they can even do email they may be capable of understanding the concept of a ‘thread’ where there are back and forth replies – we write to someone, they write back in REPLY to our communication, and then we make further comments and send it back to them again and on and on.

Nobody in their right mind would expect a conversation to go back and forth over time by making separate individual emails that reference some unknown other communication but not include the actual details. Without the HISTORY being there in the same document of what we are discussing, it is difficult if not impossible to follow the conversation and give a coherent reply.

Yet people insist the helpdesk/customer service should pay attention to them even if they submit 5 tickets for the same issue, and worse, never acknowledging having received a response previously or any clue what the current status of the issue is. Unless you require them to go and look up their previous ticket themselves to read the details of the situation, you will be forced to either use cold canned (generalized) messages or to spend an inordinate amount of time repeating things over and over times 100 different people, and doing research for them all, just to know what they are saying.


They expect customer service to follow 100 conversations that go on over weeks, when they contact ‘support’ again about the same issue — without even using their last name or membership ID – NOthing – like they are the center of the universe, and you should know it is them and if not then it is on you to try to figure it out (and give a coherent reply to the question or issue).

These ‘folks’ are so zoned out in their entitlement mentality that they actually make it difficult if not impossible to assist them. It is like they ‘shoot themselves in the foot’ because they refuse to follow the directions or to cooperate with the business or corporate operating procedure. So instead of being helped with their initial problem, the agent is forced to try to get enough information to proceed with techical or administrative support. And in some cases each time it is like who is this person? Does the situation sound familiar?

So pretend like it is you and try to treat people as you would like to be treated. Be professional, polite, and give people the respect to follow their directions if you are at their website, business or program, particularly when you are asking for help. Try to be logical about giving them the details they need to understand what you want. Your full name, membership ID, domain name, email address that you use for that program, anything to help identify yourself.

If you are being asked for help, then of course you should attempt to help as many people as you can as best as you can. To ’empathize’ with other ‘helpers,’ pretend you are preparing to provide answers or solutions when you realize you don’t know the question or who is asking. You really want to do your best, but you haven’t been given the necessary details.

If you contact ‘support,’ and you mean that something ‘doesn’t work’ or that you ‘can’t’ do something, then describe what you mean by that – do you get error messages? what do the error messages say? Or a blank screen? what is the address or URL of the website where the problem happened? What were you doing when it happened?

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What Are The Online Marketing Trends For 2014?

What Are The Online Marketing Trends For 2014?
by Jon Allo

Copyright (c) 2014 Jon Allo

As the Internet is constantly changing, what are the online marketing trends for 2014?

Digital technology and online business trends are areas that are showing real growth. ComScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, reported that U.S. online spending in November and December 2013 was over $42 billion, an increase of 10% over last year. Also, considerably more purchases were from mobile devices. So what are the online marketing trends for 2014?


Get Ready For Mobile.

The online marketing trends towards mobile in 2014 is undeniable, and there will be significantly more purchases coming from mobile devices. People are becoming more comfortable when researching, shopping and generally using the Internet via mobiles and tablets. The rise of smartphones and popularity of tablets combined with better connectivity means that people can surf online whenever and where ever they want.

Make sure that in 2014 your online business keeps up with these Internet and online marketing trends

-with a responsive website design that provides a suitable viewing experience for all devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. This means that no matter what device your customers find you, they can still view your website and buy from you.

How Good Is Your Content?

Producing valuable and engaging content designed for a specific audience has always been one of those online marketing trends that will never go away and 2014 is no exception. The search engine giant Google is focussing its results on websites that provide quality content. This means that good results from organic search engine optimisation will generated by strong content.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing

The marketing trends selling online products and services in 2014 will be driven more by establishing online authority and gaining trust from customers. This is will be achieved by regularly providing valuable content through a variety of channels, such as your website, social media, eNewsletters, videos and articles on other websites.

Social Media Will Become More Relevant.

in 2014, online marketing trends for sharing information with social media will increase. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will still be the major social media networks. Content shared on these networks will add value to your search engine rankings because the more people who choose to share a piece of content, the higher its perceived quality.

Rising stars like Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram will play a significant role in the online marketing trends in 2014. Businesses will need to test different social networks to see which helps them to reach the maximum amount of consumers.

The Use Of Images.

In addition to the importance valuable content, another of the online marketing

trends for 2014 is the use of images. Well-placed pictures in blog posts and social media updates will help your content to stand out. Social media sites that are image based like Pinterest and Buzzfeed will become more relevant. There will continue to be a big rise in the popularity of infographics, which put together images with a small amount of text to explain subject matter and provide research data.

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