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Jay Kubassek – An Entrepreneur Pioneer

Jay Kubassek – An Entrepreneur Pioneer

by John Mann

If you’re an Internet based entrepreneur looking to get your business started off on the right foot than you should look into Jay Kubassek. His system allows individual entrepreneurs the ability to succeed by connecting them with the clients that will make their business a success.

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Jay Kubassek, who is originally from Canada, got his start in the business world as a muffler salesman for the Midas franchise. Working in sales he quickly realized the value of effective marketing and how it could help online business succeed.

As an entrepreneur, Jay Kubassek founded CarbonCopyPRO in 2007 and quickly transformed it into a leading Internet marketing education company. CarbonCopyPRO was developed to help fellow Internet entrepreneurs develop the crucial leads that are so important to any successful business. But they just don’t help you find leads they also help you make the sale as well.

In order to grow into an international firm with over 100 clients worldwide Jay Kubassek must be doing something right. The service they provide to their clients gives them access to their lead generation system along with tips for closing the sale. By helping a new business produce leads CarbonCopyPRO has a high return rate among its clients. Not only do they help you find leads they also provide assistance in closing the deal.

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When starting a business often the hardest part is consistently generating new leads to increase your revenue. The second part after generating the lead is closing the sale. Each of these steps is equally important if you want your business to survive. The CarbonCopyPRO system offers the small business owner the resources required to reach their sales goals.

One of the major factors in his success is that Jay Kubassek realized the importance of how the Internet is changing the face of business. By providing new business with the tools required to be successful, he has established himself as an Internet entrepreneur pioneer. As many experts will tell you the ability to earn a sizable income online will only get easier as the use of the Internet expands.

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But Jay Kubassek didn’t stop with CarbonCopyPRO and proceeded to found Aliquot Films which is credited with producing several independent films. Using his entrepreneurial spirit and his influence from his Internet marketing company he was able to produce Chelsea on the Rocksn 2008. He is also in the works to produce several films for release in 2010.

Jay Kubassek also has several outside ventures in addition to his business dealings. He contributes to a number of charities such as: The Children’s Institute for Autism, The Salvation Army, Mount Sinai Juvenile Diabetes, and The National Breast Cancer. Jay was also the lead driver in the 2008 Baja off-road race.

By recognizing the profound change that the Internet has had on the world’s market place Jay Kubassek has found a common market for all the world’s economies. Focusing on the will that exists in every beginning entrepreneur to succeed has allowed him to develop one of the most popular Internet marketing education companies available today.

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About The SFM online business community.

The purpose with SFM  is to be a true Professional – Online Business – Community

-designed by online marketers for online marketers. It was launched the  9th December 2010 . “As a collaboration around the world we can change the Internet marketing industry for the better and be the proper business resource that is so much needed”.

This enhanced new platform was launched 19th January 2013 and are updated regularly. The latest resourse added is DBL which stands for Digital Business Lounge which in itself is a complete hosting facility  for creating your own website within the SFM back office, and also a Internet Marketing Platform. This will enhance every member of The Six Figure Mentors with even more tools to build their online business. Every step on the way to success is also described and learned with video training and webinars.

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“The change that is happening is a great one and one that will benefit both current and future members by providing more guidance, enhanced tools and technology, new products to market/consume and a more profitable model.”

“The vision the worlds most valuable digital marketing community and platform empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to flourish in the digital economy by starting their own online business.”

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How to escape the rat race.

Written by Dick Scott.

I think many of us wonder how to escape the rat race. In our daily life we often struggle to keep up with all demands and deadlines. Sometimes it seems and feels like we´re not in charge of our life. That is when we should be honest to ourselves and ask if we are living the life we dream of and deserve. If not we should take a step back and think about possibilities to change the way we live.

No one will thank us for not living a forfilling life in a way that we can use our unique skills and talents. We may often think that  circumstances or people stops us but it is not true if we decide to break the circle and think out of the box. We do need a clear vision of our dream life and how to get there. You also have to know Why you want to change to have the motivation needed.

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Having a mentor or someone who has done what you dream of doing to relate to is essential for us. We wont be able to change all by our selves because then it is to easy to fall into the same routine. I have been searching for serious coaching in the marketing and selling online niche and with some luck i found The Six Figure Mentors.

First i saw an ad on facebook from Strom&Bir in Sweden who has worked with SFM for a couple of years and then i filled in an application that was accepted. When i received a call from SFM i started to believe that finally i had found a serious online community of like minded people who wanted to change their life  for the better. I did hesitate but then i was introduced to a Free Video Bootcamp in the SFM back office which really made me understand that this is the real deal.

If you have questions or concerns about SFM dont hesitate to write a comment and i will answer as fast as i can. I also suggest that you use the link for the Free Video Bootcamp because that is a great and Free way to learn more about what The Six Figure Mentors is about.

To Your Success

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Dick Scott sv


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Are You Tired of MLM business?

Written by Dick Scott.

I think we all agree that trying to recruit family and friends into MLM is a dead end street. Somehow we feel that something much better must be out there. Congratulations you have found it here. The Six Figure Mentors are offering a complete education system and a back office stacked with the cutting edge marketing  resources all available for you. We also have a community for our members where we share information and help each others.

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It is not about the money to earn money, it is about having a service or product that help people in some way. Personally i think many of us have had that push button richness beliefs sometimes when looking for different opportunities, and there are plenty of them out there. For those of you who are tired of chasing money and customers i have great news. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek has built The Six Figure Mentors and they know what they  are doing and also share all their experience on to us members.

“If you’re looking to achieve financial freedom from home, specifically through a “MLM” or network marketing opportunity, you’re in for a real awakening my friend…”

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