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How To Make Money Fast Online

How To Make Money Fast Online

by Adela Thomas

If you want to make money online fast it can be easier than most people believe it to be. On the other hand, it can take more work than those looking to get rich quick are prepared for. At one point there was no cash, and look how much there is now. There are various forms of wealth all over the earth. Currency is nothing more than an exchange of value, a representation of ideas. Wealth has no more value than we give to it. They started off using gold bars, and then they decided it was easier to use paper and coins that represented gold bars. Pretty soon they didn’t even need the gold, they just needed the promise that it would be paid back by future production. And then credit was developed, and soon there would be digital forms of money. Now over 80% of all capital is digital, represented only by data points over a computer or system of computers.

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There’s no better way then to access that money quickly, then by making it online. If you make money in the physical world, you first have to do manual labor, and then continue it until you receive a paycheck. Then you can send in the paycheck to the bank and the bank has to process it, which takes several days for them. They just check to see if the company is good for it, and they give you the cash, but the actual complete transactional process takes very long.

The reason this is important is because it can be so much easier to have a task done for you, or to do a task on your own, or to have a machine do a task for you, and then have money transferred directly into your online bank account. Your bank will be associated with that online bank account, so that means that you will have access to digital forms of money instantly. If you carry a bank card, the ability for you to get money at your ATM will instantly go up over night.

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So making money online can be a very valuable process for many people. What they will do is try to make money online using resources. The thing that depends on how you make money online is based on what you decide you need. If you need quick instant cash, and are willing to exchange your own work, you can write articles using associatedcontent.com. If you are willing to do more work initially, you can use articles that are written, or have some written for you, and set up streams of income by creating web pages and monetizing them, and creating systems that produce traffic. If you want a job, you can look at elance.com. The jobs online prevent costs from travel, gas, and food, and maintenance of an automobile for example. Plus things can be done easier. The big benefit is being able to be rewarded for your work. The average person is very inefficient, mostly because they get paid per hours, not per production. By getting paid per production, productive people will have huge benefits.

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Regardless of what you choose, learning how to make money online and fast is very important because it can free your mind, time, and resources. Freeing these up will allow you to focus your efforts into making even more money and enjoying your life. If you are able to do this, it can be relatively simple for you to achieve your goals and learn how to make money online fast.

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Adela Thomas teaches many things about making money online. Some of them are how to make money online and how to make money fast.

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What Can I Sell To Make Money Online On Auto Pilot

What Can I Sell To Make Money Online On Auto Pilot

by Tanvir Jhon

Disclaimer – Any photos I place here are real screen shots of income I have made through this system I’m about to show you. But I’m not guaranteeing any success because your income depends on your efforts. Yes I will give you examples of what you should do, but to make money with this system it will come down to your efforts. This is only example of things you can do that have worked for me in the past to gain massive profits with little efforts.

Road To Making Money Online

Now we got all that legal crap out of the way, lets talk about something that will just blow your mind. I want to show you something that I could take your income to a whole new level. You found this page through the search engine or through a link from another page, but where ever you found my page you have just stumble on something remarkable.

The reason I can say this is because I have photo shots of profits I have made and will show you the same system I use to bring in big dollars. Even though I’m a SEO marketing guy, this system will be mostly set on the automatic stage. Meaning you set it up once and maybe spend 15 to 30 minutes a day just monitoring stats…. and yes I said 15 to 30 minutes a day working on this system.

You wanted something to sell online that will make you money until the end of time, and I’m here you show you how to get the most out of life with the least amount of effort. Most people will click the back space button and go to another site just because they are the so called procrastinators. If your one of those people then I got something that will change your life forever….check out this motivational saying video and come back here and continue your quest for success.

Make money
Make money

Finally – I could have put this into a program series website and sold this for about $99, but I woke up this morning and said that I wanted to change some lives today and help those people who want change. There is enough money to go around in the this world, so why should I be selfish and keep all the secrets locked up in a box for myself.

My goal is to help and if you follow what I’m about to say, then your days will only get better and better. I enough people to take advantage of this system for one reason and one reason only. To be able to live the life you want and take care of your family for life.

Plus once you use this system and see good money coming in, then don’t be scared to share this with family members and friends. We all have Facebook and Twitter so sharing this page with your friends will be as easy as clicking a mouse with the share button to the left.

Remember This – This system works and works like a charm even when your sleep. You don’t have to talk to anyone or search for products to sell. Everything you will be doing can be setup and forgotten about until you push that button, and we will talk about that button later.

Enough talking lets get to the system….

First..Proof Of Income

Here I took a product I was selling a while ago that was averaging about 2k a month. These are the screen shots of all sales that came in from just one product and only working about 30mintue a day on it. Once I got this system setup the same way I will show you, then things just started to take off.

So in this section there is not much to talk about because the writing is on the walls with these PayPal transactions. Plus the method I used for this is so simple that my eight year son even knows how to do it. So don’t think this is over your head because there is no way you can’t make some money with this system.

BTW..this is from one site and product!

So What Can I Sell?

Finding a product to sell is really easy to do because there are many website to chose from that have affiliate programs. These are sites that list products you can pick and get anywhere from 5 to 100 percent commission. Most of these sites will pay you bi weekly or monthly through check, bank account or even PayPal.

All you have to do is pick a product and setup a simple page about that product and add what I call an opt-in box to the page which allows people to subscribe to getting more information on the product or system your promoting. But I’m going to talk about that more in detail here later.

So next the only thing you have to do is to find a product you want to sell which can be anything you want so don’t worry about the competitions because that will not be a problem when using my system. All you have to do is find something your interested in and move on to the next step of setting up a one page squidoo page.

Plus here is a list of place that offer affiliate programs.

List of Popular Affiliate Networks:

1. Commission Junction

2. ClickBank

3. Azoogle Ads

4. Link Share

5. Amazon

6. Context Links for Amazon’s Affiliate Program

7. Chitika ShopCloud$

8. ShareASale

9. iTunes Affiliates

Squidoo Page Setup In 5min

I’m not going to get into what a squidoo page is, just know that you can set up one of these easily in 5 minutes and have a page to drive traffic to. Remember you only need one page for each product you want to sell so just keep it simple. If you want an example of how a squidoo page look..then take a look at my Antonio Coleman Squidoo Page.

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As you can see these are just simple pages where you can speak about whatever you want..just stay away from XXX stuff to be on the safe side. Plus remember your not going to place that product you’re going to be selling on that page because people don’t really buy things the first time they see them. You will have to send them free info through an email marketing software that will include those affiliate link…so don’t be tempted to place links on your squidoo page.

Because it will be a waste of time posting that product on that page with a link back to that affiliate program where they will buy from. All you need to do is add some content to that squidoo page with a opt-in box where you will be able to collect emails address and names. Then send them more free content which includes your money affiliate link.

Check this video out on how to set up a squidoo page in 5 minutes…

This system will not work and I repeat will not work if you don’t have an email marketing software. The best one to use is getresponse because it’s the one I been using for over ten years now, and you’re going to need it. The software is only $17 a month and if your making tons of money online then that number will be nothing to pay.

That is the only thing you have to buy to make this system work to perfection. Plus the software I’m going to give to you that cost $50 per month will come free to those who get the email marketing software. So if you don’t get email software then you won’t be able to get the free software that will automatically drive massive traffic to your squidoo page…more on that in a sec.

Finding Content

First thing you need to do is to add content to your squidoo page, and you do this by going to and searching for the niche your in. So if your in a niche where you are trying to reach people who want to teach their dog how to sit, then you will enter those words in the search box and you’ll get back many free articles you can use.

From here you will be given countless amounts of articles to choose from so don’t make this difficult to find content. So just open up the note pad on your computer and do the following steps in this video…

Must Get AutoResponder

To be able to make this work the way it needs to…then you must get this email marketing software which is the only money you will ever spend because I will give you the traffic software for free that actually cost $50 monthly. But I’m given it to you for free because this will be the only way you will be able to build free traffic for a lifetime and build your profits. This traffic software will automate everything so you just can sit back and wait for the money to come in.

The way you will use it is very simple and straightforward. You will take those free articles you got from articlebase.com and add them into the authoresponder, so don’t panic because they have vides to walk you through the entire process. From there you will setup a campaign where you can have two of those articles going out on auto pilot each week until they all are completely sent out.

How you will make your money is that you will include your affiliate link they gave you from whatever product your promoting. So when people get these articles directly in their inbox, they will read the content which will help them learn more about that niche and will be prompted to click on the affiliate link.

Here is a quick video of how powerful this email marketing software is…

World’s Easiest Email Marketing!

Plus if you need help on embedding your opt-in form in the squidoo page then check out this page..

Getting Millions Of Free Visitors

Without this last piece of software, you might as well not even try to set this system up. Because any website without traffic is pretty much not a website at all. This software is a video grabber, meaning it goes out and get videos on any niche you can think of. Think about the millions of videos that are uploaded to YouTube monthly.

What if you where able to take thousands of videos that’s related to your niche and download them and reload them back up to video sites. Not only will you be able to reload them back online, but you also will be able to include that squidoo page you just setup which includes your authoresponder..Wink Wink Wink

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So if you haven’t figured it out yet you should think about this for a second. For one you will be able to download thousands of already made videos for free, and reload them back up with just a click of the mouse. Plus what’s most importantly you can add your money site link in the description which will gain tons of traffic for free.

Its so easy to use this software that it doesn’t even comes with a manual. All you have to do is type the keyword of the niche your in and the software will go out and download as many videos you choose. Next all you have to do set a couple of settings and watch the magic happen in front of your eyes.

So if you have 15 to 30 minutes to run and manage this software, then it will work hard to continue driving traffic to all videos you reloaded. This is what I call auto pilot making money online without having to work hard for traffic. Like I said before that this software is sold on a monthly recurring basic, but for those who get the email marketing software..you will get this from me for free of charge. Lets just say I’m close friends with the creators and they give me free access to all their awesome marketing software.

Basically if you want this system to work for you then it’s a must to combine this video traffic software and the authoresponder to grow passive income until the end of time.

How I Get The Video Software

When you purchase the email marketing software, you must email me the name and email you used to signup for the authoresponder. You can email that info to my contact page…Once I get that information then I will email you back this remarkable software which will change the way you think about getting massive amounts of traffic forever

Very Important Words

Most people will read this post which is over 2400k words and counting, and say that this is a bunch of crap. There is no way I can make money online by doing these simple be easy steps. You see most people think its some magic trick to make money online, but it all come down to a plan and action.

What I just gave you is a plan and now all you have to do is implement the action. This to easy to do people, so there is no way I want my readers of TrafficColeman.com not to take advantage of this. I’m a guy who loves to help people and enjoy to hear their success stories. Most of this stuff you will be using will be free instead of the email marketing software in which I have no control over. This is something you will need because before you know it, you will have tons of squidoo affiliate programs websites, and you will need a place to house all those opt-in email contacts you will be getting.

People also ask why will I give something like this away for free? Don’t you want to keep this to yourself and make even more money? The answer this that the Internet is a huge place and millions of niches out there, so me letting thousands of people in on how to make something like this work for them. Is not going to kill me because I got many project going on and many more to come. This is just something I love to do a time a two which is to give back to those who make TrafficColeman.com their number 1 place for SEO marketing and more.

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I’m Jhon Tanvir, I’m a Blogger and Internet Marketar

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What Makes the SFM Business System Unique…

Everyone knows that getting started online is really hard. Lead generation can also be a challenge. You will discover, with the support from us in SFM and our community, it becomes surprisingly simple…

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  • Zero experience necessary. (Can you use email? Surf the Web? Then you have all the “skills” you need to get started. However, you still must qualify.)
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  • Want to take a trip? No Problem. Take a week off? No Problem. The system will close your sales and generate income for you even if you’re out of town, spending time with your kids or curled up asleep on the beach!
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  • Designed for the average person, and assumes you know nothing about business, computers or sales whatsoever.
  • The average SFM member is 47 years old without any computer, sales or business experience.

  • It simply doesn’t matter how much you know or don’t know to do this business, as long as you qualify.
  • And much much more…
SFM business system

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Internet business opportunity
Internet business opportunity


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To Your Success

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Six Figure Members/Elite Member

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The Secret to Your Success written by Dick Scott.

Secret to success in life is hard to find as long as you look in the wrong places. We have a tendence to believe everything authorities say without a question. And also to be affected by commercials that surrounds us wherever we are. But times are changing in this technology where we can find a lot of information from different sources that help us see things from a different point of view then we usually do.

We also see the downfalling of our current economic system and there are many things that is shifting quickly in our world. My belief is that the more those authorities that has seemed reliable to us no longer has credibility the less we listen to them.

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And this is the times of awakening and learning to listen to our heart in order to create and live a life of success which is defined by our own beliefs and needs and not by whats most ordinary. Because whats ordinary may seems easy to follow but are also a very dangerous road to take which dont let us unfold any of our hidden potentials and keep us in the same routine every day.
I want to stress that there are no pattern to follow to success that will be right for every person because we all define things differently.

 3 Secrets you your success.

  • Secret # 1. The definition of success has to be your own and resonate with who you are and what you believe in.
  • Secret # 2. Noone and nothing outside yourself can fix or do whats need to be done to put you in any highway to success if you`re not ready.
  • Secret # 3. Success is a state of mind and has nothing to do with money but everything to do with being grateful for what you have and who you are in this present moment because this will open the floodgates to your own never ending source within yourself.
Secret to Success

So my dear friend it all starts with being authentic to who you are here and now no matter what struggle you are going through or had gone through because when we are we also connect to people around us that are drawn to our openess and can relate to our true story of who we are.
No matter how much or what we have we wont be happy as long as we dont feel a community with others; family, relatives or neighbours for example.
So to equate money with success will not help you to live a happy life, and thats  what we indeed really want behind it all. But if we find our desire and follow our heart to hapiness money will be the result of it.
For me personally i work with these questions and myself the whole time and has been greatly inspired and helped from the learning community of successful people that has walked the walk themselves and found their path to success. They have also found that the secret to success is very much within themselves and that is a wake up call with both responsibility but also possibilities to create the life we want. If you feel this article may resonate with you read more about it here My SFM Review .

To Your Success
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The Six Figure Mentors

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