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What Does It Mean To Duplicate

What Does It Mean To Duplicate

by Phil Proctor

In network marketing you hear a lot about duplication. It has been said that practice makes perfect, but if you practice the wrong thing you’ll be perfectly wrong. The same is true duplication. If you duplicate the wrong thing you will not be successful. So what is it in network marketing that you need to duplicate to be successful?

There are literally hundreds of network marketing companies that an individual can choose from. Many of them offer several good products. There are a large number of different compensation plans. Never forget that the end result of every company is ultimately to place their product in the hands of consumers. To be successful in network marketing you must place your product and as many hands as possible. Most successful companies have good training material. For you to succeed the training material needs to sell the product and not just the opportunity.

Network marketers fall into two different camps, the hunters and the farmers. The hunter, in a sense shoots at everything that moves. He is a believer in the 3 foot rule which states that he is going to try and promote his opportunity to anyone within 3 feet of him. It is very true that America people love to buy, but it is also true that they hate to be sold. People feel uncomfortable when they are being hunted. You will often hear in network marketing training the importance of making a list. There is no question that your list is crucial to your success. The challenge is how you use the list. The farmer in contrast to the hunter works a small piece of land. He first prepares the land, then he plants the seed, then he cultivates his crop, and then he reaps a harvest. If you plant the seed correctly and cultivate correctly you will achieve a duplicatable harvest.


For a farmer to be successful he realizes that he must make an investment in his harvest. When it comes to network marketing we must make an investment in our customers. If I’m going to make an investment in someone I would like to be someone that I care about. I believe your list should include the people who mean the most to you. If you represent a product that you sincerely believe offers real benefits it only makes sense that you should promote them to the people you care about most. A reality is that there are no magic bullets. I deal in a line of exceptionally good nutritional products. I realize that for a potential customer to use my products he must develop a highly duplicatable success rate for my product. This means that I do not simply sell my product to someone, but rather I must educate them on how to use it effectively. In other words, I must educate my customer. In network marketing you often hear the phrase “the gold is in the follow-up” which simply means you need to make sure the product is fulfilling your customers desires.

The farmer type marketer recognizes that his product are his seeds. The sales information can be equated to fertilizer. If you have lousy seeds it really does not make any difference how good the fertilizers is. If you provide people with samples, seeds, and make sure that they use the product in a way to optimize its success you will reap a good harvest. When a customer harvests success with your product they will want to let other people know. Once your customer has experienced success with your product and you teach them how to duplicate your planting and cultivating procedures they also will begin to reap a bountiful harvest.

So when we think of duplication we must first think of getting duplicatable results with the product through education and training we are then able to duplicate people who are well able to produce a predictable harvest. The question for you to answer is would you rather roam a large area trying to find a target or would you rather work a small piece of land was predictable results.

Any good gardener knows that there is a wide variety of seeds. It is often very valuable to try different seed companies until you find one that you like. I have tried many products from different network marketing companies. I am an independent distributor for the company which I feel has a superior product and a good compensation plan. Roughly 80% of the people who use my company’s products continue to use them.

As much as making a side income is emphasized in network marketing, it is a little publicized fact that more than 75% of all participants in network marketing do not make enough to pay for their own product. There are many reasons for this. A good team and good support make a world.

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