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How To Use “Squidoo” Effectively

How To Use “Squidoo” Effectively

by Samantha Knowles

It is important to understand that a squidoo page should not be a sales page but a source of information about your business. As a matter of fact because squidoo has an exceptional search engine ranking ability, it is a very useful marketing tool for any business. It is best to present your product or service as a solution to a problem you mentioned about, by providing a “back link” to your website.

When building a squidoo lens it is paramount to keep in mind that you need to feed your prospects and customers with rich and useful information they are longing for. If you are a small business looking out for an additional income, the affiliate and ad revenue options in squidoo can be of help.

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The best way to promote your squidoo lens is by submitting to digg.com, stumbleupon.com, and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. After creating a few lenses and submitting to these sources you will observe a steady growth in the number of people visiting your lenses.

“Foursquare” has an enthusiastic fan base and an innovative new media platform especially for businesses such as restaurants and cafes. This location based mobile app is becoming popular nowadays, where people “check in” at venues and acquire badges based on regularity of visits.


Patrons of businesses submit their favourite outlet’s name to be listed on Foursquare which means even without your knowledge your business may be listed!. Hence it is advisable to check for it and make use of this platform to get more footfall to your store.

News about special events, availability of a unique item or a special discount at your outlet can be conveyed to your audience with the help of a feature called “Foursquare local updates.” There are tools available within Foursquare to have a true engagement with customers. There is a tool called “Foursquare specials” to reward patrons when they visit a business outlet, which could be in the form of discounts, a free drink or a book, etc. This could also be used to lure prospects to the business outlet. “Foursquare” provides a selection of “foursquare specials” such as Mayor specials, check-in specials, wildcard specials, frequency- based specials, etc., which could be customised for a particular business and its customers. By offering “foursquare specials” to their patrons, they can find out how the business is doing over time, with the help of the free venue analytics included. Friendly competition on becoming the “Mayor” of an outlet can compel customers back to the business location.

Foursquare also provides tools to promote businesses that do not have a physical presence by permitting them to launch a page to enable them to connect with their followers.

Customers could also use “Foursquare” to keep a record of the places they had visited. It is nice to know where friends are hanging out and join them if you are somewhere nearby. Customers could ask their friends’ recommendations regarding a restaurant, its menu or any specials offered on the day as they can see who has visited when and where.

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Finding Your Home Business Niche – Be Focused and Flexible

Finding Your Home Business Niche – Be Focused and Flexible

by Daniel D Lotts

While it is important to have goals so that we can formulate a plan for starting a home business

-and to stay focused to achieve them, it is equally important to remain flexible. In other words, be willing to change your course if necessary. To be really creative we must be able to see beyond the ‘dotted line’.

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Therefore, it may be good to make your goals ‘generic’ – in other words not ‘make X number of dollars per month from XYZ’ but just ‘make X number dollars per month’ – that way if on your way to XYZ you find ABC to be more of a ‘natural’ for you, you won’t miss the opportunity because you are so focused that you have ‘blinders’ on.

You may find after some time in research and development of your home business

-that you really don’t like something that is part of your initial strategy – for example even that you don’t like marketing and sales, period. While any business you start is going to require you to sell it to somebody, you may determine that you just want that to be a means to an end, not the end game.

To explain further, you may love the Internet marketing industry but just not like the amount of work that is necessary to take the ‘massive’ action required to succeed. Not just that, but you don’t like the nature of the work either. Too tedious and time-consuming to do it yourself, and too expensive to use paid services to do it for you right now.

home business
home business

You have already determined that you can and will start a home business and will replace your income

-so that you can quit your gnarly job someday. You have an amount of money in mind that would cover things nicely for now (and of course could be increased as time goes on). So what else might you do that is online but not just marketing/advertising/sales?

Start by making an inventory.

Have one page for your skills and one for your interests. Part of both would include your actual experience whether in a job or hobby. Note what you really enjoyed about both. Do you see anything there that might point you in any direction as far as a service you could perform to earn an income online? Is there something that interests you and you like doing that could maybe use a tune up? For example, if you could take an online course from a community college or other organization to hone your skills in some area.

Take the key points that you find and do some further research as far as how you would go about setting up your home business and how you would promote it (here we go with advertising again) – but remember it’s a means to an end and does not envelope your entire life, it is just a necessary task among the ones that you do enjoy doing.

Once you decide on something you would like to do and can do, then it is time for more of a solid plan that includes a budget for materials and tools that would be necessary, so you will want to do some comparison shopping, etc. The key is to really know all the ins and outs and to facilitate all the various things that would be required to start a home business, or to find anything that could possibly be a ‘deal breaker’ that would prevent you from being able to follow your plan (and then you would just start all over and find something you CAN DO).

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