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How To Effectively Promote Webinar Listings

How To Effectively Promote Webinar Listings

by B Hopkins

In the past, seminars were held in a particular venue for individuals who want to learn about a particular topic. At the same time, they were hosted by those who want to share information about a certain product or subject of interest. In other words, they were intended for both teaching and learning. At present, hosts and attendees can enjoy the convenience of a seminar, online. Thanks to Internet technology, attendees can develop new skills through a webinar. Those who like to host a webinar, though, should know what it takes to be a good presenter and to offer the best kind of material. They should also know how to promote their webinar listings, so they can attract a bigger audience.

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Webinar Advantages

– Ease of use

Participants can easily view a webinar through a PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. In addition to this, they just need an Internet connection with high speed and a microphone with high quality.

– Cost efficient

Attending an online seminar allows both host and participants to cut down on costs of paying for a venue, traveling and using expensive equipment.

– Time effective

Webinar participants do not have to spend time on travelling, and they do not have to take 3 to 4 days leave from work just to attend the event. The whole webinar just takes 1- ½ hours to complete.

– Convenient

Participants can attend a webinar in the convenience of their home or office. With the use of a computer headset, they can listen to it in privacy and with a clear microphone, they can engage in communication.

– Wide reach

A webinar allows hosts to reach out to participants here and across the globe without the expenses incurred in physical meetings.

– Interactive

Attendees can raise questions after the presentation and give feedback, as well.


The Best Ways to Promote Webinar Listings

– They can effectively promote through social media.

To get more people to sign up for their webinar, potential hosts should use as many social media outlets as possible.

– To direct more traffic to their listings, they should use relevant SEO strategies.

When creating posts, it would be helpful for hosts to use relevant keywords that viewers will most likely look for in a search engine. This way, they don’t need to spend time and effort in marketing their webinar.

– Spreading the event through word of mouth is still an effective way of promoting it.

It would be a big plus to mention the event to family, friends and colleagues. They, in turn, will spread this to other people. In addition to this, it would be helpful to search for people who will benefit from the information that a host wants to share.

– Whenever they have an upcoming event, they should update their blog.

To start with, potential hosts should have their own blog. So, whenever they have an upcoming webinar, all they have to do is update it by including a link to their webinar. Writing short blogs are effective in catching people’s attention.

– During webinars, they can also mention their other upcoming events.

When the audience is enjoying a host’s lecture, there is no reason why he/she cannot mention upcoming events during or after his webinar.


A lot of people look forward to attending webinars because they stand to benefit from them. By putting in some time and effort in promoting their listings, webinar hosts can expect more participants to attend their webinars.

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