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Three Steps to Business Success – Step one: Find your Profitable Niche of the Market

Three Steps to Business Success – Step one: Find your Profitable Niche of the Market

by Nick Stephenson

Three Steps to Business Success

STEP ONE – Your Niche of the Market

Find a Niche and Make it Work

Now you’ve decided to start your own business, you need to work out exactly which corner of the market you are going to target. Whether you’re selling a product or a service (or both) you will not have much success unless you can narrow down your market to a specific area. If you cast the net too wide and try to cater to too many different consumer fields, you will end up pleasing none of them.

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For example, if you want to buy a computer you’re not going to go looking in a furniture store are you? If you need a plumber you look up the word “plumber” in the telephone directory – you don’t start looking for an electrician. It’s a very simple but absolutely crucial point! You need to pick your market area carefully and the best way to do this is to find your own niche. But how do you go about finding this? It’s quite simple really…


What interests you?

The first place to start looking for your niche is within your own set of interests and hobbies. Many people will recommend that your niche should always be an area in which you have worked before as you will already have a high level of expertise – but I disagree with this.

First, if you have a high level of expertise at something but find that area of work boring, you’re going to find it really difficult to enjoy your work and stay committed. Second, I’m confident that you have plenty of interests or hobbies outside of work. If so, chances are you know more about this particular field than 90% of anyone else out there. Doesn’t that give you a high level of expertise?

For example, if one of your interests or hobbies is Dog Grooming I would happily wager that 9 out of 10 people you ask on the street wouldn’t even know where to start!. Expertise is all relative – so you should focus on what you enjoy as chances are you already know more than enough to bring value to your future customers. So, pick yourself a hobby or interest that you know you enjoy and can commit to and you’ve found your niche. Next, we need to make sure your niche can actually bring you some income.

Can Your Niche be Profitable?

I’m going to give you the short answer first: YES!

Pretty much any niche can be profitable if you approach it in the right way. In fact, think of the strangest, most specific and narrow niche that you can think of and type that into your favourite search engine. Chances are you’ll see at least one business making a good living out of this. For example, try typing “Dwarf for Hire” into Google and you’ll see what I mean! It doesn’t get much narrower than that.

So chances are your chosen niche is going to have a pretty big market base already. A good way to measure the popularity of the area you’ve chosen is by using the Google KeyWord Tool. This tool is completely free and allows you to type in any keyword(s) and find out how many people are searching for that term in any particular geographical area. Using my previous example, the term “Dwarf for Hire” gets around 800 searches a month on average!

This tool will also give you suggestions on other similar keywords that people are also searching for, which will help give you an idea of the total possible market out there for your business just by telling you who’s looking at what, and where they’re looking.

Of course niches with a wider appeal get much more attention, but if you want to work in a narrow field this just means that there’s less competition. I won’t get into the debates between whether “narrower is better,” but will only say that it’s more important to find a niche you’re interested in – rather than worrying about search engine traffic or monthly volume of enquiries. It’s quality that counts, not quantity.

If I could recommend just one article for you to read that covers this very subject it would be “one thousand true fans” by Kevin Kelly. This short piece (about 5-10 mins reading) essentially argues that you don’t need a huge customer base, rather a loyal one. If you can find one thousand loyal customers who regularly purchase from you then you will see a steady income for life. This figure can even be decreased somewhat depending on what sort of price point you are aiming for.

This article uses the example of a recording artist to illustrate its point. Let’s say you release 2 albums each year, plus some merchandise and concert tickets. For argument’s sake we’ll say that you charge $80 for all those things combined. If you have one thousand true fans each of these fans will purchase everything that you sell – meaning that you can expect an income of $80,000 each year.

This concept doesn’t have to apply to just recording artists, however. Whatever you decide to sell, if you can find a loyal customer base that regularly purchases from you then you’re all set. This figure doesn’t necessarily have to be one thousand, but would need to be enough to give you the income you’re looking for. This could be one hundred, fifty or even just ten people – the key is making sure that your customers find value with you and have a reason to make repeat purchases.


Let’s say you decide that you want to sell computers. If each unit sees a net profit of $200 and you are aiming to make $40,000 in a year, how may units would you need to sell? Based on these figures you would need to sell 200 units in a year. However, you also sell software packages which have a net profit of $20 per unit and you also sell extended warranties which make an average of $100 profit per unit.

On top of this you also have a premium rate support line which pulls in another $20 a year for every computer that you sell. Finally, you also offer component upgrades for everyone who buys a computer for you which will earn you an average of $40 profit per year for every computer sold. In total, you make $360 net profit each year for every loyal customer.

With these figures, to make $40,000 a year you would need 112 loyal customers. That’s less than 10 customers per month or one every 3 days. The best bit is that these customers will continue to purchase your products and services regularly, meaning that you can continue to make profit by selling your software, upgrade and support services for an additional $160 per year per loyal customer.

Using these figures, a loyal customer would spend $360 in the first year and then $160 each following year until they decide to buy a new computer, where the whole process would start over! This example can be applied to pretty much any niche – the key is identifying and targeting a loyal customer base and then making sure those customers are well looked after and get real value from your business.

If you can achieve this then I can guarantee that whatever niche you decide to focus on, you will be able to make a steady profit for life.

Is Your Niche Long-Term?

Once you have decided on your niche and made sure that you can make a profit, you need to make sure that any profits you make can be repeated in the long term. It’s no good starting up a business if you know that your revenue stream is going to stop after a few months.

For example, seasonal goods such as Christmas trees, Halloween pumpkins and Easter eggs quite obviously sell by the truck-load at certain points of the year, but aren’t very popular outside of these times. Does this same problem apply to your product or service? For example, have you picked a niche based on a short-term trend or fashion? If so, you need to make sure that you have a plan in place for when your product or service inevitably runs out of juice.


During the worst stages of the recent recession, many supermarkets saw a huge increase in the number of people purchasing their “eat at home” ranges and special offers – because people couldn’t afford to eat out any more. This was a fantastic profit machine while it lasted, but eventually people started to venture out to restaurants and bars once again. The reason that the supermarkets managed to take advantage of these polar-opposite trends is that they all saw it coming!

When data suggested people weren’t eating out any more, the supermarkets ran special offers on premium ready meals and bottles of wine. Once people went back to going out, the supermarkets addressed this trend by promoting special offers on clothing – with the accurate assumption that if people are going out more often, they are going to want to get dressed up!

While it’s unlikely that you have the commercial clout of a major supermarket, there’s nothing stopping you from keeping an eye on market trends and adjusting your approach to suit. If your niche is in a traditionally seasonal market area, is there anything you can do to promote your products or services during other times of the year?

This will obviously very depending on the niche you have chosen, but make sure you do your research to make sure that there aren’t any times of the year that are going to cause problems. As mentioned before, a great tool to help you with this is the “Google Trends”– which allows you to see trends in the number of people searching for your keywords, helping you identify times of the year where you are likely to see a drop in sales.

Google KeyWord Tool will also suggest “related keywords” which you can see alongside your main keywords. If you can find related searches that are high in volume during times that your main keywords are low, this will help you find ways to adjust your approach in hard times. Make sure you do your homework!

Carve Your Corner of the Market

Once you’ve decided on your niche and made sure you can see a steady income from this area, you need to think about finding your own corner of the market. If you don’t do this, any prospective customers are going to find it difficult to identify exactly what it is that you’re selling and are likely to look elsewhere.

Let me introduce you to Jill.

Jill is looking for a way to carve out her own corner of the market in the area of Dog Grooming – an example we touched on before. Will Jill be selling a product or a service, or both? Her focus is going to be different depending on which area she chooses.

For example, if Jill is selling a product she is going to need to make sure that her store or web page makes it clear what’s on offer. If she’s selling a product will she ship items long distance or will focus only on the local market? Will she stock a wide variety of products, or only products related to a specific aspect of Dog Grooming?

If Jill decides to sell a service, will she carry out this service herself? If so, she is going to be limited to a local area only, so how does she plan to promote herself within this geographical region? If she is selling someone else’s service (e.g., a national agency or franchise) then how does her target market vary within different geographical regions?

The reason that this section is SO IMPORTANT is because you need to make sure that any prospective customers stick around long enough to purchase from you. You’re not going to be able to do this unless you are offering them exactly what they want, so it is VITAL that you make it clear exactly what you’re offering from the start. Without this approach, even with a high volume of traffic, you will see a very low conversion rate.

For example, with her Dog Grooming business, Jill has decided to offer the following:

1) Products – “No more expensive Grooming fees! No more kennels! You can give your dogs all the care they need from the comfort of their own home. We sell all the products you need to get started in the exciting area of dog grooming. We offer 3 packages for you to purchase, depending on your level of expertise. We have the Starter Package, Intermediate Package and the Expert Package – each of which contains full instructions and everything you need to take care of your dog’s grooming needs at home!”

As you can see from the above example, Jill has made it clear from the first sentence exactly what value her business can provide (an alternative to professional grooming) and lists three specific packages that a customer can purchase from her. If Jill were simply to list all of her stock, how would people know what to buy? By narrowing down the options Jill has given her prospective customers a reason to stick around and hopefully make a purchase.

2) Services – “Don’t know where to start? We also offer a great value tutoring service for those of you who want to give your dog the best care – at home! We can send one of our trained groomers out to your home to show you how to make the most of your grooming package – at a time that suits you! We can visit you on a one-off basis, or you can choose one of our block-bookings at a discount and learn techniques usually reserved only for professionals. Get in touch to find out more!”

In additional to a well defined product line, Jill will also visit customers’ houses to show them how to use their purchases properly and teach them the techniques they need to do a good job. By doing this Jill is making sure that customers who buy her products have a reason to buy from her again – which also gives her the opportunity to meet them in person and form a strong relationship. This, in turn, makes it more likely for the customer to visit Jill’s business again in the future.

Due to all this hard work, Jill has managed to carve herself an easily identifiable corner of the market. When visiting her online web page or shop, prospective customers can easily see that Jill offers a great way to groom dogs without having to pay expensive grooming fees or take a trip into town and pay for a kennel for the day. Customers can also easily identify products that suit their exact needs and are given a range of products and packages to suit their individual circumstances.

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If Jill hadn’t bothered to structure her business in this way, she would run the risk of not appealing to anyone because her approach was too vague. The key is to appeal to a specific type of customer and do it properly – rather than trying to please everyone. If you try to please everyone, you will inevitably end up pleasing no one, so make sure your customers know exactly what you can offer them and how this can address their needs.


1) Find your niche. What interests you?

2) Is your niche profitable? Do some research on businesses already trading in this area.

3) Is your niche long-term? Use some online tools to measure your niche’s popularity throughout the year and make sure you identify and adapt to any potential drop in sales.

4) Carve yourself a corner of the market. Make sure your customers know exactly what to expect when they visit you – and don’t try to please everyone!

Steps two and three will follow soon in future articles – links will be provided here once they are published and available to view.

Until next time.

More Information:

Nick Stephenson is a qualified marketer, ex-lawyer, and author. He is best known for his fiction work – the bestselling Leopold Blake series of thrillers – now available on Amazon.

Book One: Panic


Leopold Blake sighed and removed the gun from the hand of the dead senator. The body lay face-down on the hardwood floor, dressed in an expensive suit, a fresh exit wound to the back of the head staining the dead man’s white collar and neatly trimmed gray hair with dark blood. Leopold examined the left hand carefully, lifting it from the floor to get a better view in the dim light. Slowly, he sniffed the skin in long, drawn inhalations and noted a distinct smoky, metallic scent. The forensics team stood back, shuffling impatiently, waiting to get back to work. Leopold took no notice and continued sniffing. Satisfied, he stood and turned to the police lieutenant who was glaring at him from the back of the room.

“Thoughts, Bradley?” asked Leopold, brushing the dust from his knees to the floor.

The living room was spacious and decorated with expensive furniture, although it was in need of a serious cleaning. Warm cinders glowed in the fireplace, the flames having died hours earlier.

The lieutenant folded his arms. “You’re supposed to be the expert.”

“You look like a man with something to say. What’s your take on this?”

Bradley arched his eyebrows, further creasing his wrinkled forehead. Leopold wondered if another fifteen years would have the same effect on his own face, but he pushed the thought to the back of his mind and reminded himself he was still young, if a little scruffy around the edges. The lieutenant paced over to the body and glanced down, taking a second to compose his thoughts…

– end of sample –

You can find out more about the author and his available work here: http://www.amazon.com/Nick-Stephenson/e/B004MYQ8K6/

Source: http://www.PopularArticles.com/article448526.html

Who Is Your Market

Who Is Your Market
by Phil Proctor

If you are to be successful in network marketing it is important that you understand who your market is. Some people are looking for opportunity seekers. Other people are product oriented and look for people who need their product. The more specific and targeted you are the more successful you will be. I personally am looking for fellow Christians that have a passion to be effective witnesses for Christ. You must know and understand your niche market.

I can promise you that if you take a shotgun approach to network marketing you will have limited success at best. When you narrow your focus down to people who think like you do and have similar values you’ll enjoy a much greater level of success. For example, in my program I follow the example of the early Christian church. I look for people with similar values in lifestyle and as a result it is much easier for me to relate to their problems. In secular network marketing they often rely on hype and emotion to recruit new Associates. By contrast I want my customers and potential associates to experience the benefits of the products that I promote. I want them to know how to use the product effectively to get positive results. When you realize that people love to buy the hate to be sold you realize that you must develop a desire or a need in the minds is a potential buyer. More than 95% of all the people involved in network marketing are not trained in marketing or sales.


Wellness products lend themselves well to this niche market. Why would anyone want to listen to you share how much Christ has done for you if you are sickly and in poor health. When I can help people to realize that they are partnering with the creator God in improving the lifestyle of their loved ones that gets their attention. In a very real sense the apostle Paul was a self-supporting missionary. By trade he was a tent maker. In his time tent making was in very high demand and provided him an opportunity to present his true mission of witnessing for Christ. Today one of the leading concerns on people’s minds is their health. If I can help people understand that over 80% of all degenerative disease is lifestyle related I can then make a difference in their life for good.

I have never found a better way to be a self-supporting missionary than through network marketing. Your base is usually very loyal and has a sense of commitment to your mission. As they achieve success in a better quality of life through your program they desire to share with others. At that point they become associates and join your team. Everybody has different talents and when used effectively in the team everyone wins. Some are great at recruiting, some are greater presenting, and some are great at making friends. I may not make a six-figure income, but I have made some awesome friends. It provides for a comfortable living doing the things I love to do the most. Can you say that about your job?

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If you are a Christian and concerned about the things you see happening in the world around you and are interested in making a difference for good I would encourage you to learn more about our program. It doesn’t require a real fancy website or that you spend a lot of money on recruiting tools. I pray that Christ will supply my leads and He does a great job. Christ knows what a person situation is far better than I do and leads me to those who truly desire to be a witness for Him.

More Information:

If you’re interested in becoming an effective witness for Christ or would like more information on my program please contact me at whole life ministry at: http://www.wlmin.com

Source: http://www.PopularArticles.com/article464208.html

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Learn to Market Anything to Anyone, Anywhere in the World!

Learn to Market Anything to Anyone, Anywhere in the World!

by Xavier Sebastian

Setting up an online business is the best way to market anything today across the globe. Online or digital companies have actually reinvented the method people do business today given the reality that it is really easy to develop. All you need is a site and service or products to offer. Considering it is possible to get a free e-commerce website template, starting an online business has actually never been easier. The Internet has lots of free website design templates– you just need to choose a suitable design template then sign up a domain or use a complimentary one. In a nutshell, it is possible to launch an e-commerce site within a few minutes.

It is nevertheless, essential to note that developing an online business is something but marketing business is a whole other animal. Online companies have to be marketed like any other business for them to end up being effective. The huge concern is then, “exactly how do you market an online business?” There are a variety of means of advertising online companies. In this short article, we will focus on the major methods. Below are 3 primary Web marketing techniques that will allow you to market anything to any individual, throughout the world all from the benefit of your laptop computer.

1. Content Marketing

This is one of the most popular and cost-effective forms of Internet marketing. As the name suggests, this method involves using content to market anything online. For websites to be functional, they need content, e.g., articles, pictures, audio, and videos. The most effective content marketing tools today are articles, pictures, and videos. For online businesses to be able to attract website visitors (who are the customers) they must have interesting and useful content.

It is worth noting that over 90% of all Internet users use search engines like Google to find information, products, and services online. Online business sites must therefore be designed in such a way that they can be found by search engines easily. The process of making digital businesses easy to find via search engines is called search engine optimization or SEO. Content optimization involves making website content i.e. articles that contain keywords that can be easily picked-up by search engines. Keywords are popular words used by Internet users to find information online.Creating content containing popular keywords is one of the most popular and effective ways of ensuring search engines find your site when Internet users are searching for services/products within your niche. Learning effective content marketing can allow you to market anything online successfully.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another perfect way of marketing anything to anyone across the globe. Affiliate marketing utilizes advertisers referred to as merchants who use affiliates to market their products and services. Any online business owner can use affiliate marketing to encourage others to market products/services on their behalf in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketing gives digital business a virtual sales force of online salespeople while giving affiliates (those who market) a unique way of earning money online without having to offer their own services/products. Affiliates usually earn a commission for their marketing efforts. The commission usually depends on the total sales made.

Affiliate marketing is a perfect way to market anything to anyone worldwide through the Internet because affiliates are free to promote your business anywhere, e.g., they can post affiliate links in any online forum/site attracting customers from anywhere across the globe. It is possible for online business owners to have their own affiliate programs. Commissions paid out to affiliates are based on actual sales. Affiliate marketing therefore offers another perfect way of marketing anything online.

3. Social Media Marketing

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn have over 1 billion active daily users combined. This automatically makes social media sites the most popular sites online today. There is therefore no better way of marketing your online business other than using social media sites. Facebook has over 500 million daily active users online from all over the world. It is therefore important for digital business owners to know how to use social media sites like Facebook to market their businesses.

The good news is, websites like Facebook make it exceptionally easy to market companies online by permitting entrepreneur to develop company pages. Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn also have comparable features. Knowing the best ways to create an effective business page on social networks sites is the first step to finding out ways to market your online business on social media. It is likewise important to keep in mind that social media sites allow advertisements besides business pages. Knowing the best ways to utilize social networks sites provides online business owners unique marketing opportunities.

In summary, the above 3 marketing approaches can enable you to market anything to any individual, anywhere in the world. You just need to understand each technique to be able to acquire all the advertising advantages. It is very important to note there is more to the above techniques than what is highlighted above. It is for that reason recommended to do further study on the above methods in regard to marketing your online business, services or products globally.

More Information:

To learn more and to begin your Digital Marketing Education visit us at http://livethedigitallifestyle.com

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How To Find The Right Market?

How Do Successful Online Businesses Find The Right Market?

by Jon Allo

Many people start out with what they think are good Internet business ideas but do not properly consider if there is actually a target market who will want to buy their product or service. A good target audience for an Internet business will fulfil a need within a niche market. If you don’t have a target audience, you don’t have a business.

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Finding a Need For Your Internet Business Ideas.

If your Internet business ideas fulfil a ‘need’ in your marketplace, they will be more successful and profitable. When people are searching for a solution to a problem, they will have a strong need for that solution. Therefore, they are going to be willing to buy it from somebody who can provide the answer to their problems.

What are your Internet business ideas? Do they have an intense need? For example, let’s take two products: ‘How to Cure Acne’ and ‘How to Make Your Hair Curly.’ Which product do you think would sell better? The ‘How to Cure Acne’ product has a high ‘need’ as when people suffer from ache, the need to cure it is quite high. The ‘How to Make Your Hair Curly’ product might sell to a certain degree, but the need for that product isn’t as strong.

If your Internet business ideas have a strong need, your product or service will get more sales. The key is to find a niche market where people have a strong need for what you can provide.

Finding a Pre-Existing Market.

Selling a product into a completely new market is risky. For example, if you come up with some great Internet business ideas about teaching your dog to walk on two legs, do you think there would be much demand for this product? It is possible you could come up with a new market, and it could be really successful if the demand is there for it, but often there is no demand.


The best Internet based business ideas provide products or services to a pre-existing market where there is a demand and products already sell well and then find an untapped area within that market.

What Is A Good Target Market For Internet Business Ideas?

The best Internet business ideas become successful when they sell multiple products to customers within a target market. Your income will be limited if you just sell one item but if you can sell different items to the same customers then your income potential is much higher.

Your target market wants to be a market where people are ready to buy. If you are targeting the ‘How to Make Your Hair Curly’ market the chances are that people are looking for free information and not ready to buy a product. However, if you are targeting the ‘How to Cure Acne’ ‘market, people are desperate for this information and are ready to buy.

My BannerIf you can find a need and a pre-existing market for your online business ideas then you are off to a good start. But do undertake some market research before you start investing any money in products, marketing or promotion. This will give you a much greater chance of success.

More Information:

Success in business is mostly about marketing, especially online. Great marketing can sell an average product but poor marketing cannot sell a great product. To learn more about marketing that will work for your business and how to find the right products to sell and the right customers to buy them, visithttp://www.jonallo.com

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