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Could Mobile Phone And Wi-Fi Usage Be Ruining Your Health?

Could Mobile Phone And Wi-Fi Usage Be Ruining Your Health?

by Paul A Philips

The human body is a bioelectrical system. Our body’s internal regulatory mechanisms taking care of our hearts and brains depend upon bioelectrical signalling for smooth running. However, these internal bioelectrical signals and their processes can be affected by external electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) such as those given off by mobile phones or Wi-Fi.

It has been said that EMF’s from mobile phone and Wi-Fi usage (particularly overuse) have caused cancer tumours, depression, sleeping problems, allergies, infertility, mental impairment and may affect a child’s growth and development…

So, given this, it begs the question, could mobile phone and Wi-Fi usage with those EMF’s be ruining your health? What about overuse?

Let’s look at the evidence.

In late 2011 an extensive Danish study (Patrizia Frei et al) concluded that long-term and frequent mobile phone usage has no association with causing brain tumours. However, the study was heavily criticized by Denis Henshaw and colleagues at Bristol University claiming that it had some serious flaws… that were played down in mainstream media.

Other studies have claimed harmlessness or inconclusiveness while others such as the one at Tel Aviv University conducted by Dr. Yaniv Hamzany suggested a strong link to excessive mobile phone usage and cancer… A Swedish Study (Stefan Lonn et al American Journal of Epidemiology) showed people using mobile phones for over 2 hours each day stood to have a 250-1 greater chance of having brain cancer compared to rare or non- users.

While there is much debate going on with this subject, I suspect than at least in some cases there may well be bias towards or favouritism towards the mobile phone companies where there is indeed so much money at stake and to not alarm the public… and what about insurance companies?!

Two Girls Using Mobile Phone On Family Camping Holiday
Mobile phone

Convincing evidence to suggest both mobile and Wi-Fi EMF damage to human tissue and its manifested effects comes from ‘The Bioinitiative Report 2012.’ This can be downloaded online and has volumes of scientific research documents to back up its findings.

Dr Olle Johansson PhD at the Department of neuroscience, Karolinska Institute at a recent interview spoke of exposure to electromagnetic waves from mobile phones causing learning cognitive difficulties in children. This comes as no surprise to many since there is much evidence to suggest that EMF’s could behave like an assault on a young developing nervous system…

In conclusion

There has been evidence to suggest both harmlessness as well as harmfulness, but I put it to you this way: If you were about to sample taste, say, 4 different drinks and someone said to you one of them was poisonous would you ignore the person telling you this?!

Because of the volumes of research suggesting potential harmfulness, I would definitely recommend that people take precautions at least by monitoring their proximity to these EMF microwaving giving devices and note the time lengths spent with them. Some people I know want nothing to do with them at all.

Don’t allow yourself unwittingly to take part in a deadly experiment.

More Information:

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