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Why WordPress Is A Better Option Than Blogger

Why WordPress Is A Better Option Than Blogger

by Alex Hd

Every new webmaster wants to know what is the easiest way to starting a blog. Most people are confused when analyzing the costs and benefits of blog platforms like blogger or WordPress. This article explains why WordPress would be our recommendation and how it has a clear edge over Blogger.


Open Source

WordPress is an open source platform. Blogger is a proprietary service of Google, just like Gmail. The ultimate control lies with Google and Google may disconnect Blogger or discontinue the service at any time. We would definitely be more comfortable with WordPress, especially if the blog is for a business. It gives us more certainty and less dependentdent on others.


Blogger is hosted for free by Google, hence you do not need to buy your own hosting space. WordPress.com also offers the same service, where your WordPress site is hosted on WordPress.com servers for free. But the most important part about WordPress is that it is also available for self-hosting. This means that you can benefit from all the features of WordPress, without being dependent on any other hosting server. You can choose your own hosting service and install WordPress instantly.


Blogger is not clear in mentioning the space limits, hence from a best guess we can assume that there is no limit on textual content. However, pictures are limited up to 1 GB only. Thereafter the Blogger terms mention:


“Number of Pictures: Up to 1 GB of total storage, shared with Picasa Web. If you’ve upgraded to Google+, your photos will be stored in Google+ Photos, where you have 15GB of storage space shared with Gmail and Drive.”

This means that you are also dependent on Google+ and have to have a Google+ account also for increasing storage space. This may not be very pleasing to persons averse to social networking platforms. WordPress has no such known limits and is dependent on the hosting resources that you choose i.e. bandwidth, disk space, etc.


The primary advantage of WordPress is that it is Open Source. The Open Source nature of WordPress allows it to be integrated with various plugins, extensions and templates created, maintained and managed by the open source community. While the downside of this system includes inconsistency and unreliability, the pros outweigh the cons. Further, blogger does not allow FTP access, but a self hosted WordPress website allows you to have full access to every file in your blog’s backend.

To sum it up, Blogger may get you better rankings on Google due to it being a Google owned service, however, WordPress allows you more flexibility and a more professional blogging experience. You may want to weigh the pros and cons of both systems and analyse which option suits your budget and resources.

More Information:

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Source: http://www.PopularArticles.com/article464774.html

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Article Marketing For Your Online Business?

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Article Marketing For Your Online Business?
by Jon Allo

Article marketing is an online business marketing strategy where you supply written content about your business to article directories and ezine owners who then publish that content on the Internet for free. This generates a link back to your website, which can drive traffic to your website. Article marketing also assists your search engine rankings when people are searching for something that is related to your article’s content.

A few years ago, you could very easily produce an article of a few hundred words then send the identical article to a bunch of different article directories. But, as a growing number of second-rate article directories began starting online with no editorial criteria, the results on the search engines started to become very poor. In 2011 Google decided to try and control the poor quality search results coming from these low standard article directories and released the Panda and Penguin updates. These oddly named updates were developed to filter out pages from article directories that had very low on-page reader time, high exit rates, poor quality links and identical versions of the same article. So the question has to be, is article marketing still relevant today?

  • Is Article Marketing Still Relevant Today?

Article marketing is still effective for your online business strategy when used correctly. Here are 6 article marketing tips that will help you use this online business marketing strategy to its full advantage:

1. Successful article marketing comes from producing valuable and relevant content.

A bad article is one with a load of pointless waffle in the hope that somebody may click on the link contained within it and visit your website. A good article should provide valuable information that a reader will want to share it with somebody else, or save it because it is beneficial to them.

2. Increase your volume of article marketing.

You may not rank really very well in the search engines with 5 or 6 articles, but increasing the amount of content you place online can help boost traffic to your online business website.

Marketing online
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3. Consider writing a press releases as well as an article.

A press release is an article that’s designed like a story for a newspaper. It usually is fact-based, and includes a few quotes from sources (one of which could be you as the expert). Just like Internet marketing articles, you can issue a press release on the Internet for free or use a paid PR service. Your press release needs to answer who, what, when, where, why and how, and you should still include a link to your website.

4. You can post your articles to your own websites.

This is basically a form of blogging. Owning your own content certainly helps search engines view your domain as an authority figure.

5. Get your articles published in ezines.

There are hundreds of different ezines online, and there will be ones that suit the market for your online business. Most ezine editors are happy to provide you with a link to your website in exchange for the content you provide.

6. When creating content for article marketing

Make sure you follow the rules and guidelines for what the directory owner wants and then polish your submission before sending it over for possible inclusion. Do not send the exact same article to different directories. Search engines like to provide unique content to their users and if they detect that the exact same article exists somewhere else on the Internet they will not rank it.

More Information:

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Source: http://www.PopularArticles.com/article461141.html

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How to escape the rat race.

Written by Dick Scott.

I think many of us wonder how to escape the rat race. In our daily life we often struggle to keep up with all demands and deadlines. Sometimes it seems and feels like we´re not in charge of our life. That is when we should be honest to ourselves and ask if we are living the life we dream of and deserve. If not we should take a step back and think about possibilities to change the way we live.

No one will thank us for not living a forfilling life in a way that we can use our unique skills and talents. We may often think that  circumstances or people stops us but it is not true if we decide to break the circle and think out of the box. We do need a clear vision of our dream life and how to get there. You also have to know Why you want to change to have the motivation needed.

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Having a mentor or someone who has done what you dream of doing to relate to is essential for us. We wont be able to change all by our selves because then it is to easy to fall into the same routine. I have been searching for serious coaching in the marketing and selling online niche and with some luck i found The Six Figure Mentors.

First i saw an ad on facebook from Strom&Bir in Sweden who has worked with SFM for a couple of years and then i filled in an application that was accepted. When i received a call from SFM i started to believe that finally i had found a serious online community of like minded people who wanted to change their life  for the better. I did hesitate but then i was introduced to a Free Video Bootcamp in the SFM back office which really made me understand that this is the real deal.

If you have questions or concerns about SFM dont hesitate to write a comment and i will answer as fast as i can. I also suggest that you use the link for the Free Video Bootcamp because that is a great and Free way to learn more about what The Six Figure Mentors is about.

To Your Success

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Dick Scott sv


Are You Tired of MLM business?

Written by Dick Scott.

I think we all agree that trying to recruit family and friends into MLM is a dead end street. Somehow we feel that something much better must be out there. Congratulations you have found it here. The Six Figure Mentors are offering a complete education system and a back office stacked with the cutting edge marketing  resources all available for you. We also have a community for our members where we share information and help each others.

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It is not about the money to earn money, it is about having a service or product that help people in some way. Personally i think many of us have had that push button richness beliefs sometimes when looking for different opportunities, and there are plenty of them out there. For those of you who are tired of chasing money and customers i have great news. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek has built The Six Figure Mentors and they know what they  are doing and also share all their experience on to us members.

“If you’re looking to achieve financial freedom from home, specifically through a “MLM” or network marketing opportunity, you’re in for a real awakening my friend…”

“Click this link below to get exclusive access to my “Why The High Ticket Sales Concept Will Blow Your MLM Strategy Out The Water” special report before you waste another day in your traditional MLM or Networking deal.”


To Your Success

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Attraction marketing!

Written by Dick Scott

“You may have heard of attraction marketing but never really understood what this term means or how to apply it effectively to your business!” What it means in simple terms is that instead of chasing people to your business they will chase you. How is that possible? Because of attraction marketing; a course that is within The Six Figure Mentors digital sale system.

The concept is about giving value to your client and also present what your business is about in clear terms. That will automatically attract the right kind of people. If you try to sell to everyone you wont sell to anyone. It is crucial to identify your customer and their needs to be able to provide value for them.

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It is essential to build trust and relationships in business because people follow leaders who know what they want and who also can help others to achieve their dreams. Ask yourself this question: am I a leader or a follower. If you identify yourself as a leader then nothing should hold you back from showing the world what you have to give. If you identify yourself as a follower as most of us are you may be satisfied with what you have and the life you live and thats okey.

So remember that if you want to be able to earn money then you will attract people by offering something of value. You can never build a sustainable business by focus on money but money will come as a natural result of giving value and helping people with what they want and need.

To Your Success

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Revolutionary Digital Business System

Written by Dick Scott.

What if i could show you how it is possible to start earning 1000 Dollar/sale  working online within this Revolutionary Digital  Business System. You will learn and earn at the same time. Would you be excited? You should be because in this article i will provide you with a link to an exclusive limited offer. You will be provided with a unique newly released video series delivered to your inbox over the next seven days.

You will learn how you can start to earn high ticket comissions without leaving your home. At part time with no previous experience needed. You dont need any technical skills and there is absolutely no personal selling required.


Take this chance and prove to yourself that you are worthy of living the life you deserve and dream of, without having to worry about money or a job. This is a serious business;

“The founders of SFM has been in the online industry for nearly a decade. SFM began as a marketing system for other companies online back in 2010, but has evolved into one of the industry’s leading business education company online with members in 140 countries around the world”.

To Your Success
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Dick Scott sv

The time to start your digital business is now.

Written by Dick Scott.

No matter what you wish to accomplish the time to start your digital business is now. If you are one of those who wait for the right time, right opportunity or to be in the right mood there will be no such thing. Everything you need to start with is available here on this site: The Digital Sale System. Hesitation goes hand in hand with fear and does no good and does not help you. For those who are unshure any reason is good enough to stay where you are. For those who are sure and know what they want there are a million reasons to start right now and go for it.  If you just dare to take that first step in the direction of your dreams you are far ahead of most of us. The first step is the most important one combined with the compassion to follow through until you reach your goal.

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Dont fool yourself by believing that everyone else is more capable then you are; noone else then you are capable of forfilling your dreams because they are a part of you that will come into reality as natural and easy as  possible. We do have a tendence to fool ourselves by believing that things have to be complicated to work. It is the other way around; go with the flow and  your natural creative imagination will always tell you what to do and how to do it if you just learn how to listen to your heart, and also to learn from those who has succeded in the digital business.

I think i have wrote it somewhere else but it is very important and should be repeated: you already have 90% of whats needed to make your dreams come through and live the digital lifestyle which makes it possible to work from where you want and set your own working hours. You will then have the freedom, time and money to be able to support your family and friends if needed or forfill any other desire. Money shure wont by you luck but will definitely make your life more easy and you wont have to work for someone else all day long the rest of your life.

To Your Success

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Are You Ready To See How Hundreds Of People, Just Like YOU, Have Been Able To Dramatically Change Their Lives With The Help Of “The SFM”? A Community Providing YOU The Tools, Training, And World-Class Coaching To Succeed Online – Today


This short letter contains the details on the fastest, almost “fail proof” SFM home business plan that’s been used by hundreds of motivated men and women all over the world to quit their jobs and build secure, lasting wealth from home… 

 Stuart Ross, SFM Founder
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I know your time is valuable.

And that’s why, if you’ll invest the next 5 minutes reading this short letter about the SFM plan, I will promise you two things:

Firstly, it will be completely devoid of hype and false promises.

Secondly, it will show you how hundreds of people who used to be stuck commuting to a job they hated each day are now working from home; on their own terms, as their own boss, living a life free of job stress, financial worries and lost time with family.

But before I continue I need to make something very clear… The SFM is not for everyone

Here’s why…

You have to do some work on your part, meaning this is not a push button “get rich quick” scheme – this is very real and therefore you need to be prepared to put some effort in!

But, if you’re teachable, motivated and serious about being a successful online entrepreneur, then there is no reason you can’t use SFM’s system to “leverage” the experience and skills of other successful business owners, to escape that commute and job that is slowly wasting your life away.

It doesn’t matter if you’re NOT a technical whiz or have ZERO website skills…

Because The SFM can show you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it!

And if you can follow a plan made of 4 simple pillars, then you are already on your way to being the next successful SFM member…

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 The SFM Application


To Your Success

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Dick Scott sv

5 Reasons to Build a Digital Business

Written by Dick Scott.

In this article i will give you 5 Reasons to Build  a Digital Business.

#1. You will be able to choose where to work and when to work. If you have a lap top and a internet connection it is enough. You dont have to work the same time every day and 2-3 hours/day should be enough once you are up and running with your digital sale system.

#2. Low start up costs and no need to rent premises or have an inventory which make the digital solution for business avaliable to almost everyone.

#3. Short time from start to break even compared to a offline business and a really good yield on investment. Also a good profit margin when you sell downloadable products.

#4. You dont need your own product or service to sell because you can work as an affiliate.

#5. The sky is the limit because you are on a global arena 24/7 and the business is running while you sleep because the most parts is pretty much on autopilot once set up.


Are there any pitfalls to avoid? Shure like with everything regarding money. Online you will be served several offers promising to much to be serious. If you try a couple of weeks and then rush over to the next project and then the next you will never build the momentum needed to  grow your business to the next level. To often you will surf around searching and hesitating instead of working diligent each day on your business which is the only way to succed. Having a digital sale system automates most of the process but you have to put in effort and time to be able to reap the rewards. It is common to give time and money the first 3-6 month and then slowly but steadily your business will grow; I have seen it myself.  I also know that it is easy to fool yourself and believe in becoming a millionaire in a couple of weeks but that wont happen.

Lets also remember the three C as in Caring, Consistency and Content. You have to Care about your business, what you offer and your customers. You have to work with Consistency and follow through daily tasks. You also need a personal Content on your blogg or website that are presenting yourself as the person you are. Your personal story is what differs you from the others and that will attract customers that can relate to you.

You got what it takes just step on the gas and not on the brakes!

To Your Success

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Marketing bloggers.

Written by Dick Scott.

If you are or want to become a marketing blogger there are  some alternatives to explore. If you are a newbie i recommend a free blogging platform like blogger or wordpress.  There are some differences between them and personally i liked blogger most when i started off but the more i used wordpress the more i liked their professional expression. To test your skills and ambitions with a free blogging platform is okey but remember there are some pitfalls to avoid in the beginning.

1. If you are marketing affiliate links through your blogg it is possible in blogger but not in wordpress free alternative. You will also rank pretty fast with blogger, remember to find a good search prase related to your subject and blog content and use it both in the name of the blogg and in the domain name.

2. If you start to many free blogs with same articles and links blogger will most probably shut one or more of them down. If you have a free blog that get a good ranking it is a good idea to register your own domain name, then you can move it and host your own blogg at for example hostgator.

Free Report

3. Always save a backup of your blogg, there are a link called export in your blogger back office to use.

4. See your free blogging as a learning period and be prepared to move on to your own domain name and hosting account as soon as you got serious about being a marketing blogger.

5. Find a good article provider if you dont write your own articles, remember to also relate the articles to your interest or that affiliate product you want to offer.

I can assure you that if it is done right blogging are a very effective and almost free marketing technique which will build you a sustainable business. It may take some time but on the other hand it is no time compared to get an offline business up and running.

To Your Success

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