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Free Gift for your online success.

Written by Dick Scott.

The Six Figure Mentors is one of the fastest growing exclusive private communities on the internet today. SFM have helped thousands of people all over the world to succeed online. I can assure you that this is for real as Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek has gone from zero to success themselves and are now learning the skills needed. They also provide you with a complete marketing platform and education that is updated regularly.

Free gift
Free gift

They now offer a ultimate free gift

-for you who are eager to know more about how to live a laptop lifestyle. Stuart Ross will explain he´s secrets and skills that he has used to become one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs together with Jay Kubassek. Are you serious about starting an online business or learning internet marketing and earn while you learn then The Six Figure Mentors is for you.

The best part of this digital sale system is that you dont need your own product, you can plug into the same system that Stuart and Jay has used to make The Six Figure Mentors one of the fastest growing internet communities  today. Their goal is to help thousand people to create a digital life by 2015. You could be their next success story!

I am a Elite Member of The Six Figure Mentors  since september 2013 and i am impressed about the personal coaching and the complete marketing platform which is included in the membership. When i applied for membership and got a phone call from The Six Figure Mentors i started to believe that this was something special.

I hope you will accept this free gift

-that will learn you more about how to break free from the rat race and live the life you deserve.

 >I Accept this Free Gift from The Six Figure Mentors<

To Your Success!

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Free webinar about your digital life

On This Special Webinar Stuart will reveal “The Truth About Making Money Online” and why 95% of people who get started online fail. Yet whilst those who plugin and use a professional ‘Business System’ are almost assured success at the same rate as a McDonalds franchise buyer.

During This Presentation You Will Discover:

  • How to avoid suffering from  information overload and spreading yourself too thin whilst trying to grow your business and personal income.
  • 4 Powerful ‘MUST HAVE’ income streams which require no addiltional work and will lead to generating $1000 + per sale commissions.
  • You will discover a lifestyle Business System’ which is the key to generating long-lasting and lucrative results with your customers.  We spent over 2 1/2 years and over $1 Million developing it.
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  • We will Demystify Making Money Online and Reveal how to build a unshakeable foundation for success, literally handing your our BUSINESS SYSTEM on a silver platter.


  • Discover why the 5% of people who actually make money online are able to do it almost effortlessly, enabling them to live a non-stressful ‘Internet Lifestyle’.


High Ticket Comissions

Written by Dick Scott.

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The big difference between selling high ticket comissions and earning 20-30 Dollar selling ebooks is obvious.  When you can earn for example 1000 Dollar on one sale you only have to make a couple of sales/month to make a living. An equal income through ebooks would need hundreds of books to be sold.

It is much about  finding the right people to direct your marketing towards. You may have heard that online marketing and selling is a numerous game. It is not always true because you can have massive hits from people that´s not interested in what you have to offer them which ends up with no sales; or you could have targeted marketing that give you leads and sales at a very good conversion rate which means you dont need a massive amount of visitors on your sites or to your ads.


To define your audience is essential both in demographic terms and regarding age, interests and gender. The closer you get the better especially with paid advertising, then you dont wast your money. With free advertising you have to compensate by using more of your time instead of money.

There are a newly released video series that explains all about selling high ticket items and demonstrates how to start earning 1000 Dollar on each sale working from the comfort of your home.

Click on the link below for further information and also testimonials from people that have tested this system.

Newly Released: Video Series Demonstrates How It’s Now Possible To Start Earning $1000 + per sale commissions Working Online With Revolutionary Digital Business System!


To Your Success

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Dick Scott sv