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Three Things That Prevent People From Being Successful

Three Things That Prevent People From Being Successful

by William Burnell

We might wonder why some people do not achieve success despite having the opportunity, ability or education. Even though they seem to have good intentions and they seem to be working in the right way, success appears to elude them. While there can be a number of things that prevent people from being successful, they might be missing one or all these three crucial elements.

* Lack of a definite goal

* Lack of commitment

* Lack of self-belief

Lack of a Definite Goal

If you do not have any real goals, then you will tend to drift and let life take care of itself. Of course, there are some things you have to do: get out of bed; get to work; keep yourself clean; pay the rent; buy the groceries, but they are not life goals. These are necessary parts of living. Goals project beyond everyday living and give you a greater purpose.

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Whether it is to save a deposit to buy a house, take a European trip or be the top of your department or company, you will have to act in a certain way. Goals determine how you act and how you lead your life. That’s why success in any part of your life depends on the goals you set. You will then be driven to act in ways that will help bring them about.

Lack Of Commitment

You need to work consistently at getting what you want, but you will only work at something that is important to you. The more you want it the harder you will work at it. Your goals need to create some feelings of excitement and determination to make you do what you have to do to reach them. There has to be an emotional response. If you do not feel excited or determined to change your life to what you want it to be, then you will not be committed to doing what you have to do.

being succesful
being succesful

Lack Of Self-Belief

Studies have shown that many children lose confidence when they go into primary school, where they find they are not good at some subjects. Then, as they meet their peers or adults who pull them down, they can suffer further loss of self-belief. In addition to that, most of us have an accumulation of experiences that says we cannot do some things because we tried and failed. It’s no wonder we can lack self-belief in some areas of our life.

However, as we are now adults, we can do something about this. There are plenty of tools to helps us re-build our confidence, our belief in ourselves. As adults, we do not have to accept we are the way we are, and we cannot change it. We know we can be whatever we want to be. If we are not happy with our life, we can change it – people are doing it all the time.

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While your idea of success may not be the same as mine, the great thing is it does not matter. Each of us can work towards our own success and use the many tools available to change our thinking by reprogramming our mind. We have the power to eliminate the elements that prevent people from being successful. We simply need the will to use them.

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