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An Article about Online Directories and How to Use Them

An Article about Online Directories and How to Use Them

by Vinny Papay

Having your site listed in many of the available online directories around the web is one of the effective techniques for promoting your business online. The fact that you use your website for selling your services and products makes it play a vital role in the marketing strategy of your Internet business. Therefore, the best way to promote websites to gain the traffic you need is through online directory submission.

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Search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing

-and others include these online directories in their search algorithm and feature the website in the listings when displaying results. In other words, listing your website in an online directory means that it actually exists, functioning effectively, authentic, have a good standing and is worthy of traffic. You will have a higher conversion rate and more sales, as soon as you are indexed in major search engines.

Dynamic online directories and static online directories

-are the two types of directories available. Dynamic website directories will not list your site with the major search engines but they help in driving traffic to your website. On the other hand, search engines cannot locate your website for the reason that these directories do not offer links to your website.

A static online directory on the other hand helps in offering links

-to your website and also lists it in search engine indexes. This brings more results and traffic in a higher conversion rate. There are both free and paid online directories you can choose from to promote your website. However, it is recommended that you opt for paid online directory for quick results.

If you are using the paid directories

-all you need to do is to pay a fee for the service and your website is added to the online directory instantaneously. But if you use free online directories, it may take some days for your site to be listed. However, the two are efficient once your site is listed in any of them.

Online directories
Online directories

How to Get Started

Go online and research for online directories

-and build a goal list of where you want your site to be listed. However, bear in mind that many online directories are available in cyberspace. Due to the popularity of some of them, they are highly selective of those websites they list. Some are user-generated, some charge a fee for listing, and some are free while some are managed by organizations that run the listing service as a business on its own. You must consider all these before you choose an online directory to list your website.

Examples of these directories include the Yahoo online directory

-ip12, DMOZ – Open Directory Project, Best of the Web, Google Places, Yelp and InsidePages among others like 3URLDirectory. Once you have decided on the online directory of your choice, the next thing you do is to open lines of communication, getting in touch with the site and doing some follow up. You can use the search engine to search for many more.

You must mind the position of your website in the directory and ensure that your website is listed among the first two or three pages of the online directory you submit your site to. This is because most visitors don’t go beyond the first two or three pages while searching for information on the website.

Wait for your site to be indexed in major search engines after submission, and you will notice a tremendous increase in traffic to your website. Using online directories to promote your website is essential so that your site can easily be located on the Internet. You will be losing many potential customers if they cannot easily locate your website.

More Information:

If you are interested using online directories to promote your business, you can submit your high quality website to 3URLDirectory.Com.

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