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The Importance of Social Media Content

by Kaelyn Kelly-Colon

It seems like it doesn’t matter how hard we try to avoid it these days. Social Media is everywhere. The ubiquitous nature of Social Media sites means that they have become part of our everyday life and can be found in businesses, schools, our social lives, and even our religious communities. Although we maintain a sense of humor about the whole thing by talking about how much time we’ve lost to certain social platforms and our decreased productivity, our collective passion for social media outlets has driven entrepreneurs to use creativity in order to find new and practical uses for our favorite websites. This can include advertising, but it also includes the building of communities that will end up being strong supporters of you or your company’s mission statement.

The benefit that online media can have in creating and sustaining communities is incredible and unparalleled in any offline organization. Often, fans of a particular band, website, or product will find themselves in forums looking to connect with one another, often sharing advice, offering tips, and swapping shared experiences with their common interest. This open sharing of information makes it easy to evaluate your performance based on direct consumer feedback. Having access to this information means that you can serve your intended audience in a more specific and rewarding way than ever before, all thanks to the integration of social cyberspaces in our everyday world.

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We also have the ability to reach incredibly large amounts of people if we know when and where to advertise online. Through the use of targeted ad campaigns and structuring web content appropriately, you can reach thousands of potential customers a day on an ongoing basis. When you have the kind of potential to reach that many people, what you really have to worry about is whether or not the content you’re offering the world is relevant and well-produced. When you put a product or service out there on the web, it enters the larger social discussion, free to be reviewed, purchased, and passed around by customers and fans.

At the end of the day, being aware of the possibilities provided by social media can help you understand how seriously you would want to take it as a vehicle for advertisement. In many cases, it ends up being more effective in generating traffic from potential customers and buyers than advertising offline. Billboards, fliers, television advertisements, and well-placed logos in magazines are all tried and true methods, but in a new economy so heavily reliant on social websites, we need to make sure to change up our strategies to reflect the world we live in – not the one we used to live in. Accounting for this cultural shift will allow you to be more successful in your promotion and, hopefully, your sales.

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