Who Is Your Market

Who Is Your Market
by Phil Proctor

If you are to be successful in network marketing it is important that you understand who your market is. Some people are looking for opportunity seekers. Other people are product oriented and look for people who need their product. The more specific and targeted you are the more successful you will be. I personally am looking for fellow Christians that have a passion to be effective witnesses for Christ. You must know and understand your niche market.

I can promise you that if you take a shotgun approach to network marketing you will have limited success at best. When you narrow your focus down to people who think like you do and have similar values you’ll enjoy a much greater level of success. For example, in my program I follow the example of the early Christian church. I look for people with similar values in lifestyle and as a result it is much easier for me to relate to their problems. In secular network marketing they often rely on hype and emotion to recruit new Associates. By contrast I want my customers and potential associates to experience the benefits of the products that I promote. I want them to know how to use the product effectively to get positive results. When you realize that people love to buy the hate to be sold you realize that you must develop a desire or a need in the minds is a potential buyer. More than 95% of all the people involved in network marketing are not trained in marketing or sales.


Wellness products lend themselves well to this niche market. Why would anyone want to listen to you share how much Christ has done for you if you are sickly and in poor health. When I can help people to realize that they are partnering with the creator God in improving the lifestyle of their loved ones that gets their attention. In a very real sense the apostle Paul was a self-supporting missionary. By trade he was a tent maker. In his time tent making was in very high demand and provided him an opportunity to present his true mission of witnessing for Christ. Today one of the leading concerns on people’s minds is their health. If I can help people understand that over 80% of all degenerative disease is lifestyle related I can then make a difference in their life for good.

I have never found a better way to be a self-supporting missionary than through network marketing. Your base is usually very loyal and has a sense of commitment to your mission. As they achieve success in a better quality of life through your program they desire to share with others. At that point they become associates and join your team. Everybody has different talents and when used effectively in the team everyone wins. Some are great at recruiting, some are greater presenting, and some are great at making friends. I may not make a six-figure income, but I have made some awesome friends. It provides for a comfortable living doing the things I love to do the most. Can you say that about your job?

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If you are a Christian and concerned about the things you see happening in the world around you and are interested in making a difference for good I would encourage you to learn more about our program. It doesn’t require a real fancy website or that you spend a lot of money on recruiting tools. I pray that Christ will supply my leads and He does a great job. Christ knows what a person situation is far better than I do and leads me to those who truly desire to be a witness for Him.

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If you’re interested in becoming an effective witness for Christ or would like more information on my program please contact me at whole life ministry at: http://www.wlmin.com

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