LinkedIn for Blogging

LinkedIn for Blogging

by Gabriel Ungureanu

Hi Gabe, I have my blog all set up ready to engage my audience by providing them useful information. I have a feeling I can achieve a lot if I take advantage of LinkedIn’s blog for the same purpose. What do you think?

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The key to a good content mix is to use a variety of sources and topics. Mix them up with different media formats to get the most out of them. A good way to accomplish this may be to post links to articles and other content elsewhere in one update. In another update, you can post a link to media coverage about your company. Another post may be a video showcasing hot products you feel will benefit your connections. Again, you may decide to share pictures and images from a recent event staged by your company or other industry-relevant pictures. LinkedIn actually offers a specific plugin just to connect your blog to your profile.

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When you create a post on your blog, this plugin will automatically create a post with a link to your blog on your LinkedIn account. You don’t have to remember to create a link on your profile to announce to your followers that you’ve updated your blog. For this reason, LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting your blog.

Blog ideas
blog ideas

To make sure you’re consistently engaging your followers, try following this pattern. You can always see what works for you and come up with your own pattern.

Every month find a way to entertain your audience and make them laugh. On a bi-weekly basis, inspire your audience with your posts. Start constructive conversations weekly. This will help keep you relevant in your industry. Twice a week, teach your connections how to do something. They may already know it or not. Then about three times a week, provide relevant, useful information.

I always recommend starting a blog if you plan to engage with your audience. The purpose is to provide useful information that will benefit your readers and keep them hooked for a long time. As much as possible, post links to other content beside that from your blog. This keeps the mix interesting, and you avoid the feeling that you’re looking out only for your own interests. Post links that are relevant to your network and vary the amount of content you post. By following these tips you will engage more of your audience and create a higher quality network.

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