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Turning Victim Mentality Into Champion Mentality

Turning Victim Mentality Into Champion Mentality

by Gary Simpson

Victim mentality. Do you have it? Not sure? Then let me ask you a few simple questions.

Do you find yourself saying, or thinking, any or all of these things on a regular basis:


  • “It’s not my fault!”


  • “I didn’t have time, or I haven’t had time!”
  • “I’m not a lucky person.”
  • “I never get what I deserve.”
  • You see, if you are prone to uttering these things, or even thinking them, then you are putting yourself in the role of the victim. This is the langauge that a victim uses. What a victim seeks to do is shift blame. They shovel blame off onto everybody but themselves. A person using this langauge is not seeking to learn from his or her experiences.
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  • Ask yourself the following:


  • Why isn’t it your fault?
  • Why didn’t you have time or why haven’t you had time?
  • Why aren’t you lucky?
  • Why don’t you ever get what you deserve?
  • I’ll tell you why. There is a very simple answer to all of these maladies. You probably won’t like it. In fact, I know you won’t like it. But here it is:You don’t want to take responsibility for outcomes. It’s much easier just to shift blame.

    “Responsibility is the price of greatness.” Winston Churchill said that. Can you imagine what sort of position England would have been in during WWII if Churchill hadn’t stepped up? What if he’d decided: “Oh stuff this. I’m just going to find a quiet little place in the country where I can go and smoke my cigars and drink my scotch until this horrible mess just blows over. Let somebody else fill the breach. I’m out of here.” So many people think this way.

  • Anybody who ever achieved anything took responsibility for the outcome. Hey, you may not win the first time, or the second, or the third, or even the tenth time. You might not even win the fiftieth time! Colonel Sanders didn’t. Neither did Thomas Edison. Yet today we can all eat Kentucky Fried Chicken under an electric light (if we so wish!).
  • The point is – every time you fail you learn what doesn’t work. What does this allow you to do? It allows you to re-load and re-focus then move in another direction. Only a fool keeps doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different outcome. That formula has never worked and never will work. But that is what victims do.
  • I assume that you do not consider yourself a fool. But you could be sabotaging yourself by succumbing to victim mentality.
  • Turning Victim Mentality Into Champion Mentality
    Turning Victim Mentality Into Champion Mentality
  • Life will continually teach you lessons. If you fail to learn these lessons then life will keep repeating them. A winner learns by experience. A victim refuses to learn, keeps doing the same things and keeps receiving the same outcomes.

    If you keep making excuses for yourself instead of seeking solutions then you will always take on the role of a victim.

    A victim mentality can be overcome. Keep trying. That’s all it takes. Find better ways to do things. Learn. You can turn victim mentality into champion mentality. All it takes is a willingness to learn and some discipline to keep trying.

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    About the author: Gary Simpson is the author of eight books covering a diverse range of subjects such as self esteem, affirmations, self defense, finance and much more. His articles appear all over the web. Gary’s email address is Click here to go to his
    Motivation & Self Esteem for Success website where you can receive his “Zenspirational Thoughts” plus an immediate FREE copy of his highly acclaimed, life-changing e-book “The Power of Choice.”


Work-Life Balance: It’s All About Choices!

Work-Life Balance: It’s All About Choices!

by Marla Enhelder, Phd

Remember the news stories about people suing fast-food companies because they were responsible for the fact that they were now fat? Or the friend who hasn’t taken a vacation from work in 15 years? Or how you keep saying, “I just don’t get enough sleep?” Choices…it’s all about choices.

Each day we make choices that influence our pace and quality of life. And, many of the choices we make are unconscious. While it’s a good thing we don’t have to think about every little choice we make due to the abundance of energy it can take. It is important that we make good decisions when it comes to creating balance between our work-related activities and the rest-of-our-life activities. Otherwise, we can find ourselves living with the effect of our choices such as feeling overwhelmed or out of control.

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Research on work-life balance shows us a picture that’s probably not too surprising: We work while we’re on vacation. We call in with a fake sick day just to take a breather, reflect, or catch up on sleep. This kind of lifestyle can lead to physical and emotional illness. That’s not what we want and is a lifestyle that becomes increasingly difficult to wake up from.

Better work-life balance though, is high on the priority list for many workers, especially the generations following the Baby Boomers who see quality of life as a top priority, not monetary compensation. Companies are starting to realize the benefit of providing actual work-life balance training for their employees making this an increasingly hot topic.


But the sovereign architect of the quality of our work-life balance is, and will always remain, you and me. It comes down to the choices we make. Every hour of every day. To slow down … or to speed up. To take time to smell the flowers … or not. It’s not that one or the other is good or bad. It’s about making conscious choices with an awareness of what’s needed or wanted at the time. To live in a way that allows us to be present to ourselves, to our lives, and to others.

There was a photo once in a magazine ad that showed a father and little son in ski outfits on the slopes, with big smiles on both their faces. The caption read, “No one ever looked back and wished they’d spent more time at work.” As you contemplate your own work-life balance or imbalance, know that it is possible to build a balanced relationship between the two if you are willing to take the time to examine your current priorities with honesty, craft a plan for changes and implement it, and remember that small changes often yield big results.

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It’s your choice.

More Information:

Dr. Marla Enhelder, Working Mom Coach & Mentor, is the CEO of Take Charge Mama, a company devoted to empowering working moms to effectively manage their time and energy, create balance between work and family, and ultimately live a life that they absolutely love! To get your FREE Audio CD by mail and receive Marla’s weekly newsletter packed with tips that you can implement immediately, please visit


Three Things That Prevent People From Being Successful

Three Things That Prevent People From Being Successful

by William Burnell

We might wonder why some people do not achieve success despite having the opportunity, ability or education. Even though they seem to have good intentions and they seem to be working in the right way, success appears to elude them. While there can be a number of things that prevent people from being successful, they might be missing one or all these three crucial elements.

* Lack of a definite goal

* Lack of commitment

* Lack of self-belief

Lack of a Definite Goal

If you do not have any real goals, then you will tend to drift and let life take care of itself. Of course, there are some things you have to do: get out of bed; get to work; keep yourself clean; pay the rent; buy the groceries, but they are not life goals. These are necessary parts of living. Goals project beyond everyday living and give you a greater purpose.

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Whether it is to save a deposit to buy a house, take a European trip or be the top of your department or company, you will have to act in a certain way. Goals determine how you act and how you lead your life. That’s why success in any part of your life depends on the goals you set. You will then be driven to act in ways that will help bring them about.

Lack Of Commitment

You need to work consistently at getting what you want, but you will only work at something that is important to you. The more you want it the harder you will work at it. Your goals need to create some feelings of excitement and determination to make you do what you have to do to reach them. There has to be an emotional response. If you do not feel excited or determined to change your life to what you want it to be, then you will not be committed to doing what you have to do.

being succesful
being succesful

Lack Of Self-Belief

Studies have shown that many children lose confidence when they go into primary school, where they find they are not good at some subjects. Then, as they meet their peers or adults who pull them down, they can suffer further loss of self-belief. In addition to that, most of us have an accumulation of experiences that says we cannot do some things because we tried and failed. It’s no wonder we can lack self-belief in some areas of our life.

However, as we are now adults, we can do something about this. There are plenty of tools to helps us re-build our confidence, our belief in ourselves. As adults, we do not have to accept we are the way we are, and we cannot change it. We know we can be whatever we want to be. If we are not happy with our life, we can change it – people are doing it all the time.

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While your idea of success may not be the same as mine, the great thing is it does not matter. Each of us can work towards our own success and use the many tools available to change our thinking by reprogramming our mind. We have the power to eliminate the elements that prevent people from being successful. We simply need the will to use them.

More Information:

You can eliminate the things that prevent you from being successful. Find out how to do this by downloading the FREE software when you visit William Burnell has built and sold his own business, and he has run successful sales teams. He knows what it takes to set goals, stay motivated and achieve your objectives.


The Secret to Your Success written by Dick Scott.

Secret to success in life is hard to find as long as you look in the wrong places. We have a tendence to believe everything authorities say without a question. And also to be affected by commercials that surrounds us wherever we are. But times are changing in this technology where we can find a lot of information from different sources that help us see things from a different point of view then we usually do.

We also see the downfalling of our current economic system and there are many things that is shifting quickly in our world. My belief is that the more those authorities that has seemed reliable to us no longer has credibility the less we listen to them.

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And this is the times of awakening and learning to listen to our heart in order to create and live a life of success which is defined by our own beliefs and needs and not by whats most ordinary. Because whats ordinary may seems easy to follow but are also a very dangerous road to take which dont let us unfold any of our hidden potentials and keep us in the same routine every day.
I want to stress that there are no pattern to follow to success that will be right for every person because we all define things differently.

 3 Secrets you your success.

  • Secret # 1. The definition of success has to be your own and resonate with who you are and what you believe in.
  • Secret # 2. Noone and nothing outside yourself can fix or do whats need to be done to put you in any highway to success if you`re not ready.
  • Secret # 3. Success is a state of mind and has nothing to do with money but everything to do with being grateful for what you have and who you are in this present moment because this will open the floodgates to your own never ending source within yourself.
Secret to Success

So my dear friend it all starts with being authentic to who you are here and now no matter what struggle you are going through or had gone through because when we are we also connect to people around us that are drawn to our openess and can relate to our true story of who we are.
No matter how much or what we have we wont be happy as long as we dont feel a community with others; family, relatives or neighbours for example.
So to equate money with success will not help you to live a happy life, and thats  what we indeed really want behind it all. But if we find our desire and follow our heart to hapiness money will be the result of it.
For me personally i work with these questions and myself the whole time and has been greatly inspired and helped from the learning community of successful people that has walked the walk themselves and found their path to success. They have also found that the secret to success is very much within themselves and that is a wake up call with both responsibility but also possibilities to create the life we want. If you feel this article may resonate with you read more about it here My SFM Review .

To Your Success
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