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Gryningsljus Ljudbok

Dick Scotts andra diktsamling Gryningsljus är här inläst av författaren själv som ljudbok. Den stämning och de dikter som här förmedlas kan användas till meditation, inspiration och eftertanke. Rekommenderas för de andliga och positiva budskap som förmedlas. Dicks inläsning förmedlar också en extra känsla till dikterna.

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Balancing Your Life in 4 Easy Steps

Balancing Your Life in 4 Easy Steps

- by Tony Mase

© Tony Mase - All Rights Reserved

It's easy to get overwhelmed and fatigued from time to time.
After all, the stresses of daily life can quickly spiral out
of control and, suddenly, you feel like you've got demands
tugging at you from every which way!

Want some balance in your life?

Luckily, you don't have to give your life a complete
overhaul to do it! Balancing your life doesn't mean quitting
your job and moving to a deserted tropical island. All you
really have to do is get YOURSELF balanced. Once you do, all
of the external stuff will fall into place.

Sounds easy - but how do you actually DO that?

1. Give yourself some "me time".

What's the first thing you sacrifice when things get tough?
Your personal quiet time! You don't feel right cutting out
"real" responsibilities, so you figure you can make do by
skipping out on "me time".

That's a big mistake though.

The less time you spend relaxing, the worse you're going to
feel. Your energy supply won't be able to keep up and even
the simplest of responsibilities is going to feel like a
giant boulder on your shoulders.

Even if you only take a few minutes to do some quick
meditation, read one chapter of your favorite book, or
simply sit down outside and enjoying nature, you'll feel
much better. Suddenly, the stress won't seem so bad and
you'll actually feel peaceful!

2. Take care of yourself.

The best "me time" in the world won't make up for bad
habits. If you want to balance your life, you've got to give
your body the tools to do it - like 8 hours of sleep every
night, a diet chock full of healthy foods, and daily
exercise. In addition to giving you extra energy, all of
these will make you better able to speak kindly to yourself,
instead of drowning in a sea of negative thoughts. After
all, when YOU can't cut yourself some slack, you're going to
feel like the rest of the world can't either!

3. Stop thinking about the "shoulda", "coulda", "woulda".

Everyone has a mental picture of how their lives "should
be". Then, when some obstacle gets in the way, you can't
deal with it!

Field of yellow flowers
Balancing Your Life in 4 Easy Steps
Instead of heaping all of that stress on yourself, be
flexible. Just because things "shoulda", "coulda", or
"woulda" been different doesn't mean they necessarily would
have been better. Plus, when you're constantly trying to
live up to unrealistic expectations, you'll never appreciate
what you've got.

If you can learn to go with the flow, you'll be able to
tackle problems and crises much more successfully. Instead
of measuring them up to how things "should be", you'll focus
your energy on solving problems - without drama and

4. Be on the lookout for simple outer changes.

Yes, balancing your life starts from within, but there may
be a few things you can do to change your external situation

For example, if you get stressed out because you have your
son's Little League team over after every win, stop - or,
only have the team over sometimes. If it has become too much
of a drain on your time and energy, why not ask the other
parents to take over the hosting duties every now and then?
That way, you can help with the party, instead of taking
full command over the party.

Bottom line - there are probably plenty of activities that
no longer fit into your desired lifestyle. If you get rid of
them, you'll have a much easier time feeling balanced!


Tony Mase is a serious student of the works of Wallace D.
Wattles and the publisher of the "A Powerful Life: The Lost
Writings of Wallace D. Wattles" ebook by Wallace D.

"A Powerful Life: The Lost Writings of Wallace D. Wattles"
"How to Get What You Want" by Wallace D. Wattles together
with twenty-four other rare books and articles written by
Wallace D. Wattles.
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Abundance – What Is It? How Do You Get It?

Abundance – What Is It? How Do You Get It?

– by Tony Mase © Tony Mase – All Rights Reserved ==========================================

Abundance isn’t just measured in terms of money or material possessions. If you’re truly living a life of abundance, you’re completely enriched – both inside and out. When you’re living a life of abundance, you’re healthy and vibrant, you’re living with a sense of purpose, and you find legitimate joy in your own sense of strength and character.

But what if you’re not living a life of abundance?

That’s OK. While it may appear only a few lucky people get to live abundantly, the truth is abundance is for everyone. With a little bit of work, you can achieve it!

Did you know you’re completely surrounded by abundance?

The beautiful sunset, the pristine lake, and the gorgeous oak tree you see every day are all examples of abundance. However, it’s up to you to notice it and incorporate it into your life.

In fact, the amount of abundance you do – or do not – experience is up to you. We all set limits for ourselves, so it’s up to you to make sure your limits are appropriate. If you limit your emotions, behaviors, and thoughts, you’re going to wind up limiting the amount of abundance you experience, too.

Sadly, though, most people don’t realize they’ve limited themselves too much until it’s too late. By then, they’re stuck in a rut And, as you’ve probably heard, “old habits die hard” – meaning it’s tough to change.

It’s also important to understand the role society plays in your lack of abundance.

Sure, you can choose to stop limiting yourself – but is society actually limiting you, too? Let’s face it, even the most advanced societies have more than their fair share of “have nots”. Many governments even profit off of citizens’ poor health, bad debts, and daily struggles.

So, how do you combat problems like these?

Just because these problems exist doesn’t mean you have to accept them. If you want to live a better life, go out and do it! If you live in a capitalist society, you can go out and work for wealth and prosperity. However, if you simply sit around focusing on the negative, you’re never going to do any better than you’re doing right now.



And, as you might suspect, creating a life of abundance isn’t a passive activity. It’s not like you can pull up to the window, place your order, and wait for your “abundance value meal” to be handed to you. Instead, you have to actively go out and seek it. If you can provide something of value, people will be more than happy to pay for your contribution. As long as you understand what constitutes true abundance – and understand the work it takes to get it – no goal will be beyond your reach.

Remember, wealth, success, and love are all types of abundance. If you’re going to be a part of the abundance flow, you’re going to have to be an active participant. If you create these types of abundance for yourself and others, you can expect to have more of them come back to you.

If you don’t do anything to create these types of abundance, you’ll never know what it’s like to live a life of abundance. Instead, you’ll wind up with a very random and chaotic existence.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go out and make positive changes! Your abundant life is waiting!

—– Tony Mase is a serious student of the works of Wallace D. Wattles and the publisher of “The Science of Abundant Life” ebook by Wallace D. Wattles… ============================================================ “The Science of Abundant Life” by Wallace D. Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles together with Wallace D. Wattles’ “The Science of Being Well”, “The Science of Being Great”, “How to Promote Yourself”, “The New Science of Living and Healing”, and “Hell-fire Harrison”. Click Here Now => ===================================================

Abundance - What Is It? How Do You Get It?
Abundance – What Is It? How Do You Get It?

Jay Kubassek – An Entrepreneur Pioneer

Jay Kubassek – An Entrepreneur Pioneer

by John Mann

If you’re an Internet based entrepreneur looking to get your business started off on the right foot than you should look into Jay Kubassek. His system allows individual entrepreneurs the ability to succeed by connecting them with the clients that will make their business a success.

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Jay Kubassek, who is originally from Canada, got his start in the business world as a muffler salesman for the Midas franchise. Working in sales he quickly realized the value of effective marketing and how it could help online business succeed.

As an entrepreneur, Jay Kubassek founded CarbonCopyPRO in 2007 and quickly transformed it into a leading Internet marketing education company. CarbonCopyPRO was developed to help fellow Internet entrepreneurs develop the crucial leads that are so important to any successful business. But they just don’t help you find leads they also help you make the sale as well.

In order to grow into an international firm with over 100 clients worldwide Jay Kubassek must be doing something right. The service they provide to their clients gives them access to their lead generation system along with tips for closing the sale. By helping a new business produce leads CarbonCopyPRO has a high return rate among its clients. Not only do they help you find leads they also provide assistance in closing the deal.

Jay Kubassek

When starting a business often the hardest part is consistently generating new leads to increase your revenue. The second part after generating the lead is closing the sale. Each of these steps is equally important if you want your business to survive. The CarbonCopyPRO system offers the small business owner the resources required to reach their sales goals.

One of the major factors in his success is that Jay Kubassek realized the importance of how the Internet is changing the face of business. By providing new business with the tools required to be successful, he has established himself as an Internet entrepreneur pioneer. As many experts will tell you the ability to earn a sizable income online will only get easier as the use of the Internet expands.

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But Jay Kubassek didn’t stop with CarbonCopyPRO and proceeded to found Aliquot Films which is credited with producing several independent films. Using his entrepreneurial spirit and his influence from his Internet marketing company he was able to produce Chelsea on the Rocksn 2008. He is also in the works to produce several films for release in 2010.

Jay Kubassek also has several outside ventures in addition to his business dealings. He contributes to a number of charities such as: The Children’s Institute for Autism, The Salvation Army, Mount Sinai Juvenile Diabetes, and The National Breast Cancer. Jay was also the lead driver in the 2008 Baja off-road race.

By recognizing the profound change that the Internet has had on the world’s market place Jay Kubassek has found a common market for all the world’s economies. Focusing on the will that exists in every beginning entrepreneur to succeed has allowed him to develop one of the most popular Internet marketing education companies available today.

More Information:

Learn more about Jay Kubassek.


Be Creative: 10 Easy Steps To Increase Your Confidence, Creativity and Cash In The Attention Economy

Be Creative: 10 Easy Steps To Increase Your Confidence, Creativity and Cash In The Attention Economy

by Thomas Murrell

How can you be more creative? How can you turn creative ideas into cash. Want to be better at creative thinking?

In Australia at the moment we are celebrating the Australian Innovation Festival.

This years theme is Innovation and You.

The festival was established to celebrate the best in Australian innovation.

According to the official brochure innovation can be defined as “a process that transfers ideas through business activity into saleable goods, processes and services.”

I have been proud to present a range of seminars as part of the festival and attend the official launch.

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I was impressed by guest speaker, John Howkins who is a leading figure in global communications, media and entertainment. I’m currently reading his groundbreaking book The Creative Economy.

As I sat, listened and then reflected on his presentation, here is my analysis distilled down into my Top 10 Tips:

1. Create a Confidence Culture.

Don’t rely only on your own individual talent to have and implement ideas. When you have ideas you need to convince people to invest in those ideas. This relies on your confidence and ability to persuade people to turn a dream into reality. If you’re not confident in your idea how can you convince others to invest time, money and resources in it?

2. Sit and Think and Look and Question.

The best answers to problems are solved by observation, analysis and insight. Take time out to practice these too often lost skills. Appreciate time working on your own. As Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says in his IQ case study on Nobel Prize Winners (who by the way have normal IQs around the 120 mark), “its not the answers that get you to the blue hall, but the questions!”

3. Attitude.

Ideas are available to anyone. All you need is your brain because it is made up of perceptions and memories which form inherited ideas. Put the priority on ideas rather than data. In our democratic and populist societies, we’re seeing the rise of the individual. Be an individual to stand out from the crowd and nurture your uniqueness, but also be a team player. This unique combination is essential for success.

It is a credo I live by. Framed hanging on the wall in my office in a prominent position is a poster with my logo and this message:

“OUR CORE VALUES. The following values are actively fostered, encouraged and central to the way we do business:

Have an attitude, live it and be consistent.

4. Be Competitive and Tough.

The barriers of entry for new ideas are extremely low, even non-existent. You need to outsmart your competition and understand patents, copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property laws that protect ideas. What business is about, is not the technology, but about ideas and the application and protection of ideas.

Be Creative: 10 Easy Steps To Increase Your Confidence, Creativity And Cash In The Attention Economy
Be Creative: 10 Easy Steps To Increase Your Confidence, Creativity And Cash In The Attention Economy

Howkins compares the examples of two brilliant men, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and inventor of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee. Gates protected his idea and is now the wealthiest man on the planet. Berners-Lee didn’t and yet his invention has changed the way we communicate.

5. The Ability To Change People’s Mind.

Being part of the creative economy is about changing people’s minds. If you want your ideas to be taken seriously, you need to have outstanding persuasion and influence skills.

6. Learn Endlessly.

Ideas are about doing something different and better. Borrow. Innovate. In beautiful Perth where I live, as well as the low cost of living, stunning lifestyle and great weather – we have another advantage. I call it the isolation, ideas and innovation factor. We live in the most isolated city in the world and this is both a negative and positive. The positive is remoteness breeds creativity. When you stop learning, you stop being creative.

7. Excel In The Attention Economy

We now live in an economy where creativity, the media and entertainment dominate. It seeps into every crease, fold and cranny in our lives. Learn to excel in this economy. Understand the pressures and the principles of living in this age.

I call this a time when the Three C’s of Change are on the increase:

Clutter, and
Chaos – Our lives are getting busier and busier and more and more chaotic as we sift through the masses of information coming at us.

Clutter – This mass of information is getting held up, like grains of sand in an hourglass, and the sheer volume is cluttering up our lives and decision-making processes.

Competition – It is an increasingly competitive marketplace now, with me too brands, look at me brands, and global brands dominating the marketplace. It is increasingly difficult to be truly unique and standout from the crowd.

8. To Make A Mistake Is Not To Fail.

There’s a well-known saying along the lines of “a mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.” The rate of failure is high within an economy built on ideas. That failure can be at a personal, company or even Government policy level. Learn how to deal with failure and manage it. Traditionally bureaucrats have focussed on policy and businesses avoid risk.

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When a senior executive at the ABC, I always found this a challenge as a manager. A delicate balancing act was required to encourage creativity to make good programs on the one hand, while working within a dinosaur-like, bureacratic, public service culture where policy and process dominate. I learned the hard way there is an unstable relationship between creativity, innovation and bureacracy. You can read a full article about these challenges originally published in The West Australian newspaper in November 2000 here.

9. Build A Powerful Personal Brand.

How creative you are, whether your ideas are accepted and how often you fail will impact on your personal identity. Your identity is how others see you. Manage these perceptions and build a strong personal brand that is resilient, reliable and real.

10. Have Ideas, Make Fun, Make Money.

Ideas are the currency and rules by which we get access to capital. If you have the right idea, with the right support, you can have great fun and make a huge amount of money along the way.

Thomas Murrell MBA CSP is an international business speaker, consultant and award-winning broadcaster. Media Motivators is his regular electronic magazine read by 7,000 professionals in 15 different countries.

You can subscribe by visiting Thomas can be contacted directly at +6189388 6888 and is available to speak to your conference, seminar or event. Visit Tom’s blog at