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The Guru To The Gurus

The Guru To The Gurus

The internet marketing world has its share of superstars…

We call them gurus, for lack of a better term. Of course, I’ve never seen one wearing a long white robe and flowing beard. And as far as I know, the Beatles never sat at their feet.

However, they’re gurus in their own right. Because they’ve achieved a level of success we all strive for.

But here’s a question that always bugged me…how did they get that way?

What was it that catapulted them from mediocre marketers to full-blown guru status?

How did they multiply their profits so quickly?

And how did they build a such a huge gathering a followers in only a few months time?

Say hello to the guru BEHIND the gurus…

For years, Rich Schefren has coached some of the biggest names in internet marketing to multi-million dollar status. And he did it all from behind the curtain.

That’s correct–this guy is the secret weapon of gurus everywhere, showing them how to build their businesses and take their profits to the next level…and beyond.

The Guru To The Gurus
The Guru To The Gurus

And for a while, you had to pay thousands of dollars to pick Rich’s brain for a few minutes. But now, he’s opening the vault and laying his entire business-building blueprint out for you.


Inside the Internet Business Manifesto, Rich Schefren reveals the biggest problem you’re facing in your business…and how to fix it.

Rich dives into the core of your business to show you exactly how to achieve the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and add several zeros to your bottom line…just like he’s done for the guru community.

That’s right–the same strategies and tactics Rich has used to transform everyday marketers into overnight sensations are all right here in black and white, just wilting for you to put them into action.

This is POWERFUL stuff, unlike you’ve ever seen before in a complimentary report. And it can literally change your business in the next few minutes.

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by Lee Johnson

Many people may be surprised that diary writing improves health. The strength of this mental health technique of venting has actually proven to extend into physical health. We all need a private place of safety to complain, explain, recant, or just express our deepest darkest thoughts and emotions without being judged or embarrassed.

The very first benefit is a sense of safety and privacy not afforded to us in other arenas. We know in this digital age, there is not much that is really safe or private. In your diary or journal, you can say anything you want without fears of rejection, misunderstanding, regret, or political incorrectness. This is the one place where you can always be yourself.

A journal is your sanctuary from the stress and demands of a hectic and profit oriented environment. Journaling is about the relationship you have with yourself. That is, your thoughts and feelings are vitally important to your self-esteem and sense of well being. We all have some secret thoughts or experiences we won’t tell even the people we trust. If it’s not expressed, our negative feelings stay inside and tend to fester(repression).

A few things will catch your heart writing

This primary psychological benefit is called “catharsis” which just means a release of emotions. This release lowers the tension and anxiety surrounding the past feeling or experience. If you ever visited a psychotherapist, the type of conversation you have was designed for this. Writing about emotions in an abstract sense has proven to be more beneficial than verbalizing them which tends to aggravate past trauma instead.

In terms of physical improvements, studies show that this exercise strengthens the immune system by increasing T-lymphocytes. Some studies show it helps with pain management, fatigue, lowers blood pressure and even helps depression. It’s stress reduction benefit decreases arthritis, insomnia, asthma symptoms, and other chronic conditions. So, there actually is a physical health improvement since mental health extend into the body. This physical result is similar to that derived from meditation, progressive relaxation, or other stress reduction techniques. That’s because serotonin and endorphins are released which are mood elevators and pain killers. Except, in this case, you also organize and solidify your thoughts and feelings.

Many of us had a diary as a child, but have given it up with the demands of mid-life. Well, it’s never too late to start or re-start. Writing about 3 times a week for 15 minutes is a good place to begin. Hand writing is a better form of expression than typing. You can write about the past, present or future, but don’t get stuck in the past. In my diary, I even say goodbye and write about people who have passed away and how I feel about that. So, this is a practice in taking care of yourself while appreciating and understanding life as it unfolds. L. Johnson More at:

More Information:



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Effective Tactics to Succeed in Online Marketing

Effective Tactics to Succeed in Online Marketing

by Rajat Tripathi

Online marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace in the world now. Companies are joining in online marketing to promote products in online media quickly. It is considered the safest of promoting the products in online media to increase traffic and sale of products. Website is required by the companies to promote the products online to reach to maximum audience in web. Consumers are using online media in getting essential items from market instead of going to physical stores. But, it is not easy to achieve success in online marketing without taking help of marketing experts. There is a stiff competition among companies to gain top spot in search result and achieve success. Special strategies are essential to deliver success in marketing immediately. Otherwise, it would be simply a waste of money for the companies without getting success in online media. Let us look at the effective strategies helpful in achieving success in marketing immediately.

BuildingFortunes Affiliate Program
Everything is being sold online with easy access of Internet these days. The whole world is going online to get information as well as purchasing essential products. Companies can’t ignore this field to survive in the future market. This is because marketing experts are predicting that future market will be dominated by online marketing instead of physical stores. Online business is being created by companies but need experts to optimize and deliver success immediately. Online marketing company helps should be taken to deliver services that accelerate growth and increase of sale. Marketing experts should be hired to make strategies essential to reach to potential customers and deliver success immediately. It is a special service that enables the businesses to achieve success in marketing immediately. But, it is essential for the companies to hire marketing expert to get desired result quickly.

online marketing
online marketing

Website is the prime requirement of companies to promote products in online media. Millions of websites are being created by companies to use for promoting the products. Normal websites are ignored by visitors and search for best sites to get their essential information. Apart from that, website need to be unique, attractive, informative, and even advanced to provide better using experience to visitors. Nobody loves to browse site creating obstacles in web. Website design is important for the companies to allure the consumers and convert into customers. A good designed site conveys the message of companies to potential customers and brings to converts. Research the market to find out preference of consumer to add in the design and allures nicely. Expert designers need to be hired to get the desired site and achieve success in marketing.

It is not easy to achieve success in marketing immediately without proper strategies. Even an attractive website can’t bring success in online business unless rank higher in search result. Top ranked website gets most traffic, visibility, engagement, credibility, and sale of products in market. Every company is trying hard to increase ranking of website but in vain. SEO services are required by the companies to achieve higher ranking in search result. Experts optimize the website according to latest guidelines to create signal for ranking in search result. Take help of our SEO experts in increasing the ranking of website and achieve success immediately.

More Information:

Author is presently working in Splashsys Company as a content writer. He enjoys writing about education, tourism, science and technology. In this article, he has written about the importance of SEO services to increase the ranking of website optimizing according to latest guidelines to deliver success in marketing immediately.


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New Method To Generate Energy

A New Method To Generate Outrageous Amounts of Energy (leaked info)

There is a new device out there
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Green Energy

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Five Ways To Selecting The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche

Five Ways To Selecting The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche

by Jon Allo

If you have made the decision that you want to make some money with affiliate marketing, how do you pick out the best affiliate marketing niche? It’s important that you do some research into your niche before you start working on it as it could save you time and money later on.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model for new and experienced online entrepreneurs. You can sell other peoples’s products and services online and when you make a sale, the product owner pays you a commission. It’s easier to make money with affiliate marketing than creating your own products because you don’t have to buy any stock, organise any deliveries or get involved with any customer queries. The product owner does all of this. Your job is to find the customers and promote the products to them.

Let’s have a look at the 5 steps to choosing the best affiliate marketing niche.

1. Find A Market That Interests You.

The first thing you should think about is picking a niche that you are enthusiastic about. You’ll need to be working in that area most days and if you don’t like what you’re doing, it’s not likely that you’ll stay with it for the long-term. If you opt for a niche that you have no interest in, then you’re in a poor position even before you start. Gradually you may even feel despondent and really dislike what you’re doing. This is the complete opposite of what you want to happen if you want to make money with affiliate marketing. Make sure you can stick with your niche permanently.

2. Has The Niche Got Durability?

The best affiliate marketing niche is one that will have services or products that people will always want or need. Avoid something that’s regarded as a gimmick and will be outdated before you begin to make any money. It does take some time and effort to make money with affiliate marketing. Once you’ve built up your affiliate marketing business, you want to be able keep it going for a long time. Ensure that your choice is not something that will be here today and gone tomorrow. You want your hard work to be worthwhile long-term.

With ordinary talent all things are attainable

3. Can You Make Money In Your Chosen Niche?

It’s also important to think about profitability. Is what you want to promote going to make money? After all, you want to make money with affiliate marketing and enjoy a steady and rising income. Do your homework and find out how many people will be interested in what you’re promoting.

4. What Are The Product Types?

You also need to consider promotion options. In your niche, what kinds of products can you promote? Can you promote a book that will sell in your niche? Can you promote tangible items or digital products?

5. Are There Recurring Income Opportunities?

Many successful affiliate marketers know that the key to long-term success with affiliate marketing niche ideas is bringing in regular income each month. With a recurring income you will get a regular payment while the buyer continues to use the service or product. This can add up to a substantial income over the course of time.

More Information:

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Do You Really Need A Website? Some People Don’t Think So

Do You Really Need A Website? Some People Don’t Think So

by Alex Hd

Not everyone feels the need for setting up a website. They feel that there is still potential left in the conventional marketing and promotional techniques and that there is a long way to go before their clients start searching for them or their products online. But the truth is that in almost every field, clients and constantly making comparisons and searching for cheaper and innovative offers from competitors, which they can search out online. Just to stay in the business and keep your offline services afloat, it is important to have a website. This article lists out how and why visitors want you to have a website.

Mandatory For Some Things

A school in a rural or semi-urban area may feel that it does not require a website or a domain name, but when the first student from that school plans to go abroad, they will need to show their bonafide education and will need to back it up with transcripts from their school teachers or dean. Foreign universities and schools do a thorough background check on incoming students and require that they communicate only with the email address listed on the schools website, to ensure safety and confidentiality. Which is why, if a school does not have their own domain name for their email address or does not have a website listing the email addresses for the staff or school contact, their students may suffer.

Supplements Your Event Participation

If your company or business has participated in an event or trade fair, a website is the ideal way to keep the conversation going and provide in-depth product information. Most companies avoid focusing on their website and prefer to personally explain about their wares to visitors or participants of the business fair. Keeping a laptop on display, with your website running in the browser is a good idea to attract visitor attention and cause them to visit your website in future. Prominently mention your website url on your stall and branding given out to visitors. A website is a long term way of exhibiting what you sell and connecting with prospective consumers in a better way.

Article: Do You Really Need A Website?

Plain Old Brochure

Even for B2B businesses, having a website allows you to be searchable across the Internet, something that is important for every business’ existence in today’s world. Instead of printing a 100 page brochure, you can just direct people to your online web page and have them either download the entire catalogue as a PDF file or see the products on your website directly. An online brochure or brochure website has the advantage of being searchable, easily sortable, helps in comparisons and also allows the user to make a spot purchase.

Correct Misconceptions

A website can be a great myth buster and clear up some common misconceptions about your brand, business, work techniques or history. You could also geographically position and distinguish yourself from the rest of your industry. A dedicated page for common misconceptions and common rumours about your business can be a good start for a new product or service. A client of ours was in the chemical business and was constantly flooded with enquiries about a commonly used household chemical for cleaning. When they finally put up a web page on the rumours, not only did it quell the fears of their prospective buyers, but their page comes up tops in Google Search results for the chemical name.

Get Your Offline Services Online

“The early bird catches the worm” and just like that the first person in the industry who makes a website and starts selling online usually gets the most benefit. Although there is a steep learning curve and not everyone businessman has the time to services his online and offline business front, the rewards could be quite tempting.

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Why An Online Shop Is Better Than A Brick And Mortar Shop

Why An Online Shop Is Better Than A Brick And Mortar Shop

by Alex Hd

As consumers are increasingly depending on eCommerce websites to fulfil their routine needs, there is also a surge in the number of businesses which are leaning towards their online presence. On a daily bass, conventional shops and services are now moving to the Internet to establish their presence and display their forward thinking mindset to their customers. Even after many years of shunning the web, many older businessmen have accepted the idea that not having a website can be quite damaging in this age of competition. This article explains why having an online shop is better than having just a brick and mortar shop.

Need for an Office

With an Online Shop, you don’t need to buy any office space or shop space. At the maximum you may require storage space to keep your goods before they are dispatched. This means that even a small niche retailer can sell his products to a global market, without having to invest in an office space, thereby keeping costs down and allowing you to sell goods at competitive prices.

Change Address

Having an Online Shop means that even if you have to shift location, it will not make any difference to your online business. Your store will remain functional right through the shift and your customers may not even realize. This can be a big boon for entrepreneurs who are renting out office or shop space. Their business will continue to run irrespective of where they are operating from, due to their online presence.


Routine tasks like billing, payment reminders, payment collection and even shipping alerts can all be managed by your eCommerce portal, if you set it up accordingly. Instead of making your staff do all the donkey work with inefficiency, you can automate all your tasks and ensure a smooth work flow.

Online shop


Another very important feature about having an online business is that you can service customers round the clock in any geography, without having to bother about shop timings and staff. Your online store is always capable of taking orders at any time, whether you are asleep or busy with some other work. A brick and mortar shop comes with the physical issues of municipal timings, labour laws and building and industrial regulations. An online shop is free from that hassle and allows you to make the most of your online presence.

Self Service

Many customers don’t like being hounded by nosy shopkeepers or sales representatives. They prefer to look at things and make a decision in peace, without having a shopkeeper stand over their head. Especially for technical or industrial products, you would like to compare and match specifications, without having someone interfere or try to influence your decision. Experts and even people who know what they want, prefer to shop online without wasting time in pleasantries and bargaining. The self-service aspect of eCommerce maybe a major factor in attracting that type of crowd.

Payment Options

Most shops don;t have various payment facilities. This means that you are stuck paying hard cash or swiping your card. eCommerce portals not only offer other payment methods like cash cards and net banking, but they also offer promotional discounts to encourage a certain payment method. This means that you have a wider variety and utmost certainty about making the purchase online.

Although a brick and mortar shop has its own advantages and benefits, there is no doubt that having an online shop is critical for many businesses. Due to the high maintenance and upkeep of the physical shop, more people are shifting to their online versions to save on costs and increase profit.

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Could Mobile Phone And Wi-Fi Usage Be Ruining Your Health?

Could Mobile Phone And Wi-Fi Usage Be Ruining Your Health?

by Paul A Philips

The human body is a bioelectrical system. Our body’s internal regulatory mechanisms taking care of our hearts and brains depend upon bioelectrical signalling for smooth running. However, these internal bioelectrical signals and their processes can be affected by external electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) such as those given off by mobile phones or Wi-Fi.

It has been said that EMF’s from mobile phone and Wi-Fi usage (particularly overuse) have caused cancer tumours, depression, sleeping problems, allergies, infertility, mental impairment and may affect a child’s growth and development…

So, given this, it begs the question, could mobile phone and Wi-Fi usage with those EMF’s be ruining your health? What about overuse?

Let’s look at the evidence.

In late 2011 an extensive Danish study (Patrizia Frei et al) concluded that long-term and frequent mobile phone usage has no association with causing brain tumours. However, the study was heavily criticized by Denis Henshaw and colleagues at Bristol University claiming that it had some serious flaws… that were played down in mainstream media.

Other studies have claimed harmlessness or inconclusiveness while others such as the one at Tel Aviv University conducted by Dr. Yaniv Hamzany suggested a strong link to excessive mobile phone usage and cancer… A Swedish Study (Stefan Lonn et al American Journal of Epidemiology) showed people using mobile phones for over 2 hours each day stood to have a 250-1 greater chance of having brain cancer compared to rare or non- users.

While there is much debate going on with this subject, I suspect than at least in some cases there may well be bias towards or favouritism towards the mobile phone companies where there is indeed so much money at stake and to not alarm the public… and what about insurance companies?!

Two Girls Using Mobile Phone On Family Camping Holiday
Mobile phone

Convincing evidence to suggest both mobile and Wi-Fi EMF damage to human tissue and its manifested effects comes from ‘The Bioinitiative Report 2012.’ This can be downloaded online and has volumes of scientific research documents to back up its findings.

Dr Olle Johansson PhD at the Department of neuroscience, Karolinska Institute at a recent interview spoke of exposure to electromagnetic waves from mobile phones causing learning cognitive difficulties in children. This comes as no surprise to many since there is much evidence to suggest that EMF’s could behave like an assault on a young developing nervous system…

In conclusion

There has been evidence to suggest both harmlessness as well as harmfulness, but I put it to you this way: If you were about to sample taste, say, 4 different drinks and someone said to you one of them was poisonous would you ignore the person telling you this?!

Because of the volumes of research suggesting potential harmfulness, I would definitely recommend that people take precautions at least by monitoring their proximity to these EMF microwaving giving devices and note the time lengths spent with them. Some people I know want nothing to do with them at all.

Don’t allow yourself unwittingly to take part in a deadly experiment.

More Information:

If you liked reading this article then go to for more related articles including a free e-book download entitled ‘The Greater Way and the New Paradigm Experience.’ NewParadigm is a portal to transformation, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media and much more… Hosted by Paul A Philips. Once again the link is:


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