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Im a Swedish musician, author and electronic engineer working with my own business. Im also a member of The Six Figure Mentors which is the #1 education and marketing community with everything you need to learn living the digital lifestyle. I also work with wellnes at Healing Center.

Im a person who believes in our inner strenght and hidden abilitys to shape and develop our lifes to greatness for our selves and others. I have made a CD Dreamland with my own text and music avaliable on Itunes and three books with my own poems. My products are avaliable at my Webshop. Im  also interested in the digital revolution which made everything possible while connecting us together and learning us to share and care on a global arena. My goal is to learn and build a sustainable business at the same time and pass my experience on to others.

My mission and vision: To inspire people to find peace and love within themselves and unfold their highest potential to create and live the life they dream of.

Interests: Photography, nature, poetry, music.

Activities: Developing my digital business skills and also healing, music and poetry.
Favorite Quotes:
To fly like an eagle
To dare like a bear
To raise like a mountain
To love instead of fear
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