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The Importance of Social Media Content

by Kaelyn Kelly-Colon

It seems like it doesn’t matter how hard we try to avoid it these days. Social Media is everywhere. The ubiquitous nature of Social Media sites means that they have become part of our everyday life and can be found in businesses, schools, our social lives, and even our religious communities. Although we maintain a sense of humor about the whole thing by talking about how much time we’ve lost to certain social platforms and our decreased productivity, our collective passion for social media outlets has driven entrepreneurs to use creativity in order to find new and practical uses for our favorite websites. This can include advertising, but it also includes the building of communities that will end up being strong supporters of you or your company’s mission statement.

The benefit that online media can have in creating and sustaining communities is incredible and unparalleled in any offline organization. Often, fans of a particular band, website, or product will find themselves in forums looking to connect with one another, often sharing advice, offering tips, and swapping shared experiences with their common interest. This open sharing of information makes it easy to evaluate your performance based on direct consumer feedback. Having access to this information means that you can serve your intended audience in a more specific and rewarding way than ever before, all thanks to the integration of social cyberspaces in our everyday world.

Digital Entrepreneur Content

We also have the ability to reach incredibly large amounts of people if we know when and where to advertise online. Through the use of targeted ad campaigns and structuring web content appropriately, you can reach thousands of potential customers a day on an ongoing basis. When you have the kind of potential to reach that many people, what you really have to worry about is whether or not the content you’re offering the world is relevant and well-produced. When you put a product or service out there on the web, it enters the larger social discussion, free to be reviewed, purchased, and passed around by customers and fans.

At the end of the day, being aware of the possibilities provided by social media can help you understand how seriously you would want to take it as a vehicle for advertisement. In many cases, it ends up being more effective in generating traffic from potential customers and buyers than advertising offline. Billboards, fliers, television advertisements, and well-placed logos in magazines are all tried and true methods, but in a new economy so heavily reliant on social websites, we need to make sure to change up our strategies to reflect the world we live in – not the one we used to live in. Accounting for this cultural shift will allow you to be more successful in your promotion and, hopefully, your sales.

More Information:

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is an SEO content author that writes about many different subjects, including social media and


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Five Reasons To Take Google Seriously!

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[Google Plus] Five Reasons Top Businesses Are Now Taking Google+ Seriously (And Why You Should Too!)

by Steve Shaw

Since it was first launched, the general sentiment in the business community toward Google+ has been dismissive. The only social networks worth taking seriously were the powerhouses of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In contrast, Google+ was a ghost town.

So why would business – in particular, small business – waste time and other resources adding Google+ into the mix?

As the advantages for business in using Google+ become clearer, all the signs are this pervading attitude toward Google+ is now changing.

What are the actual stats?

There are now more than a billion accounts on Google that are enabled for Google+. Out of these, 360 million users are active. Their +1 button is clicked five billion times every day.

Admittedly, these are smaller stats than Facebook, with their 1.2 billion monthly active users. But Google+ is a young network, and these are hardly ‘ghost town’ figures.

The important point for business owners is that they are growing at 30% per annum. That means, with increasing numbers jumping on board, the time is now to start growing a foothold in the network as it gains momentum.

Leave it too long, and you’ll find competitors gaining a strong Google+ presence and leaving you behind. This will translate into a competitive disadvantage for your own business you may struggle to overcome.

Put it the other way, and you have an opportunity right now to create such a competitive advantage for your own business.

So what are the key reasons businesses are now taking Google+ seriously, and beginning to jump on board in droves?


1. Google+ Business Page

Along with a personal page, you can also to create a page on Google Plus related to your business, and attract followers to it.

This has three key advantages:

– SEO: the more followers you attract who are actively engaged with your business or brand, the more the page rank of your business page will grow, impacting the ranking of your main web site as well as increasing your online visibility as a whole. This is one of the key reasons that companies like The Economist and Starbucks use the platform.

– Free Advertising: Creating a business page gives you in effect a highly visible ad on Google search, showing information relating to your business, recent posts from your page, and social proof data in terms of your number of followers. Search ‘Starbucks,’ ‘Ford,’ or ‘Economist’ on Google, and you’ll see what I mean – these are all examples of top businesses who are now taking Google+ seriously, and have millions of followers each to show for it.

– AdWords: Once your business page attracts over 100 followers, you’ll automatically get social proof endorsements on your AdWords ads, where they calculate such endorsements would benefit your campaign. This translates into higher click-throughs on your ads as well as potentially lower ad costs.

2. SEO

I mentioned SEO above, but the SEO advantages are not restricted to having a business page. Your activities on Google+ in general also impact your search engine visibility in other ways.

For example, it’s now also one of the factors in the way personalized results are created for users. If someone is following you on Google+, they are more likely to see content you have authored (see Google Authorship below) or +1′ed.

Therefore, there is a direct correlation between the number of followers you attract and your search engine visibility. And thus the amount of traffic Google sends your way.

This is an important aspect of Google+ many business are simply not aware of. But that awareness will increase – so the earlier you start, the more advantage you will gain before your competitors even realize what they have been missing out on.

3.Traffic Referrals. 

Your traffic can grow in two ways:

– Direct traffic: Sharing your content on Google+ results in click-throughs to your site from your own followers, as well as people your followers then re-share your content with. The more followers you attract, the more your traffc from Google Plus can grow.

– Indirect traffic: As mentioned above, you also gain from increased search engine visibility. As your content shows up on Google more often, you attract more traffic to your web sites and web properties.

4. Google Authorship

Your Google Plus Profile gives you an online identity that can then be associated with all your content. As a result, your profile picture can be displayed next to your content in the search engine results, increasing click-through.

It also raises your online profile, helps attract more people to follow you on Google+, and reinforces your authority and influence for those who are following you. In many ways, it becomes a virtuous circle.

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5. Targeted Communications

Email communication is becoming decreasingly effective. People are choosing to communicate increasingly through social media channels. It avoids inbox overload and often makes for easier and more personable communication. Your ability to communicate with your customers and prospects through multiple channels, including social media, is becoming vital.

In increasing the personability of communications, social media can help to build stronger relationships with your prospects and customers. It also has great potential to create raving fans of your brand who will help spread your marketing message for you.

Google+ provides the ability to communicate in a very targeted way, through their use of ‘circles.’ So you might have prospects for a product in one circle, existing customers in another, joint venture partners in another and so on. You can make your posts available to each circle individually.

You can also use Hangouts, which enable you to have live chat or even video chat sessions with other Google+ users. Many businesses are already using these to great effect, building powerful relationships and proponents of their brand, and even assisting communications between co-workers who may be geographically separate.


To conclude, imagine this.

You see two ads for something you were interested in, one showed social proof of more than 10,000 followers, and the other showed either no social proof or a far lower number, which one are you more likely to trust, give credibility to, and click through on?

The more important question for you is this. Which position would you prefer to be in as a business?

With all the above advantages in mind, it pays not to be left behind on this. The winners will make Google+ a central part of their marketing strategy, and enjoy all the advantages as the number of their followers grows in tandem with their online influence and visibility.

More Information:

For the latest information on raising your online visibility and traffic, follow Steve Shaw on Google+ at Steve Shaw is an entrepreneur and creator of online businesses, such as’s content creation service, and which enables businesses to syndicate their content to publishers worldwide, increase their online visibility, and attract new customers and prospects.


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You Should Be Monitoring Your Website

My Banner10 Things You Should Be Monitoring On Your Website

by Sven Hylten-Cavallius

Every business needs to know how it is doing. That’s the idea behind exit surveys, customer feedback forms, suggestion boxes and other devices. Without feedback from the customer, monitoring inventory, expenses, revenue and other benchmarks, a business can take a quick slide down a slippery slope, without the owner ever seeing it coming – or being able to stop the slide.

Webmasters also have things they should be monitoring on their websites. Most of these can be classified as traffic related or server performance related. Here is my top ten list.

Monitoring website traffic

Traffic totals. You want to know how much traffic you are generating. If the line on the graph is heading down, you know you have to find out why.

Referrers. It’s not enough just to know how many visitors you are getting. You need to know where they are coming from. I discovered I was getting a lot of visitors from a Thanksgiving site. They were all being funneled into my Thanksgiving Happiness article. Suddenly I knew I should get more links from other Thanksgiving sites. Valuable information.

Searches. Much to my surprise, my happiness site started getting a ridiculous number of hits from the search for “hairdressers.” It just so happens I wrote a humor column on a hairdresser experience. I was surprised to see it getting so much traffic for such a generic, competitive search term. If that had been a term of a little more relevance for me, this information would have lead me to properly optimize the page and get even more traffic.

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Pages viewed per visit. If people visit only one page per visit, you have some work to convince them to visit more pages, like those that make you money.

Pages visited. So you threw up on your site something cool as an add-on. How were you to know that other webmasters would link to it and send a whole bunch of traffic your way? Well, now you know, so add some copy to the page to pull visitors into the rest of your site.

Website optimization

Monitoring website performance

Forms. Are they all functioning? A good website monitoring service can keep tabs on them for you. The last thing you want is to have lost hundreds or thousands of subscribers because a sign-up form stopped functioning

Shopping carts. Slow and complicated shopping carts are responsible for an estimated $25 billion in lost sales. Make sure yours is functioning properly. A good website monitoring service can watch this for you, too.

Download speed. Clear your cache and test your pages. Hmm. Maybe those images are a bit large. Time to compress them, or even remove some. Remember that some people are on a much slower connection than you are. I use a satellite connection sometimes, but when I don’t, my connection speed is 28K.

Server speed. re there problems with server speed? Maybe not where you are, but on the other side of the world. Global website monitoring can alert you to a transatlantic connection problem, so you can take it up with your web hosting service.

Server accessibility. All the web hosts promise 99% accessibility. But is that for real? Who monitors them? By one estimate, 75% of inaccessibility is not on the hosting server, but rather on the Internet’s backbone network and in global routing. A global website monitoring service can help identify the problem, so that you can work with your web hosting company to resolve it before too many sales are lost.

Fun. If you are not having fun, audition for that drummer position in the local band. There is no point spending your life doing something that bores you. Webmastering should be fun.

More Information:

Discover How To Make Huge Profits By Buying And Selling Antiques Online


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Using the Web for Promotion

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Using the Web for Personal and Professional Promotion

by Kaelyn Kelly-Colon

The web is an excellent tool for personal and professional promotion, particularly social media sites and open forums. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that they are high traffic. The easier it is to connect with people on a platform, the more people are usually engaged in using that service. Making a page for you or your business on these types of websites allow you to engage in the larger social discussion as it pertains to business services and skill sets. This is a level of connection with potential customers that we have never seen before in the history of advertising not just in this country, not just in our culture, but in the history of human development. Not being involved with the Internet will only serve to limit your customer base.

The web is often used to engage in live debate on social topics, negotiating complex issues in a variety of different topics – living sustainably, environmental concerns, inequality in areas of race, sexuality and gender, etc. – and business plays a huge role in that discussion. Sources of economic wealth and growth are integral to any discussion about change and activism in a capitalist, consumerist society, where power comes from material wealth. The question of how to ethically live in this context continues to be addressed on the web with passion, and like minded people are always banding together searching for alternatives to current unsatisfying conditions. The idea of free trade stickers, denoting which fruits and coffees have been picked and produced in an environment where workers are paid equitably for their labor, is just one of the ways that business and social change work together. The Internet is the first place most people go when learning about something new, or when looking for information about something they have been newly exposed to.

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Promotion banner

By using the Internet for professional and personal promotion, you are taking control and exerting power in the construction of your own image. This is important for a business but also for an employee. Freedom of speech and the use of the Internet in order to have access to the opinions of other people – and to share your own opinion is to enter it into the larger social discourse on the role of the individual and business within an emerging, more mindful online community. Many sites are specifically engineered with this kind of conversation in mind, making them excellent environments for business owners, individuals offering services that are skill based but not specifically tied to one business(artists of all kinds fall under this category as well as freelance landscapers, among others) to connect not only with potential customers but with others of their craft. Gone are the days of ubiquitous guilds, where one could go in order to seek out other members of their craft and trade tips. However, the ability to connect, discuss, improve, and share lives on through another forum – the worldwide web – and it’s ability to affect the world in very real, very practical ways cannot be underestimated.

More Information:

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is an SEO writer that has covered a variety of topics, including personal and professional promotion on sites such as


#1 Internet Business Opportunity

How to start up a business online.

Written by Dick Scott

How to start up a business online is somehow different from a business offline.

You dont have to do it full time and you can do it without having to register a company in the beginning. Remember to keep all the receips that are related to the business for the future when you may register a company. It is also good to be shure about in what field you will work, it has to be something you really feel good about and have a great interest in. It is very easy to distribute media online if that is what you are about to sell. Books can be downloaded and music also so you dont have to sell physical products.

If you dont have your own product or services

– to market and sell there are great possibilities to work as an affiliate and sell others products. The important question here is in what niche you should work. Getting a product sold to someone that could be without it is not easy but if you find a market where there are a real need for good help your selling will be much easier. My advice is for instance the relationship niche.

There are also a great way to start market your business online for free

-and that is by having a blog about the subject related to your product. If you dont like to write articles there are great services where you can by articles very cheap and have on your blog; remember to add your own statement to the article to make it unique.

Business online
Business online

Learning marketing and selling in your business online is like anything else

-you need a good education and updated information like in The Six Figure Mentors to succeed. They provide you with a complete marketing platform where you will be able to learn and earn at the same time which is unique.

It is important that you set your business online goals

-and are determined to make them come true. Even if some may promise to much to fast it is a global market out there accessible 24/7 and once you have your system up and running it will produce an income even when you sleep. But remember that you have to put in both time and effort in the beginning as in any business.Once you have reached momentum and the wheels starts rolling you wont have to work as much as in a regular job and you will have a nice income. You will also be able to work from anywhere you prefer and choose your own working hours.

Dont hesitate to learn more about how to start your own business online by clicking on the link below!

Start A Business online and Live Life On Your Terms!


The Six Figure Mentors online business.

The Six Figure Mentors is defenitely a serious online business.

Written by Dick Scott

I remember when i decided to join The Six Figure Mentors.

The main reason was the personal contact over the phone and the webinars with personal training and coaching. Totally different from what i previously was used to in online programs. The seriosity is something i think many if not all of us want when we start an online business and it is very hard to find. What is easy to find is get-rich-quick schemes which is all over the internet. They may ruin our beliefs in honesty and integrity online but for me  The Six Figure Mentors has proved to be a community of fantastic people wanting to learn how to market and sell online. I have promised myself never to join another online business and it feels so good to ignore all false promises in my inbox and everywhere on the internet.

Everything you need to learn how to market and sell online is included in The Six Figure Mentors membership.

You also have the ability to earn while you learn with no need to have special skills or talents. You dont even need to have your own product, but The Six Figure Mentors is designed to market your existing business or product to if that is what you want.

The Six Figure Mentors
The Six Figure Mentors View

Because the  Six Figure Mentors only want serious people

-that are committed they have a special application with questions for you and if they believe that you have real intentions behind then they will call you. For me that was a wake up call which made me start believing even more in what i have searched for many years: an online business to be proud of and that also have the potential to grow to a full time income.

If you are serious and also suffering from unemployment

-or a job that dont satisfy your personal development or your financial needs then you should get further information about SFM, there are plenty of links on my website to The Six Figure Mentors but the fastest and easiest way is to fill in your email here and receive a free video serie delivered to your inbox over the next seven days, that will explain how you can start earning high ticket commissions from the comfort of your home…

To Your Success

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Dick Scott sv

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What Makes the SFM Business System Unique…

Everyone knows that getting started online is really hard. Lead generation can also be a challenge. You will discover, with the support from us in SFM and our community, it becomes surprisingly simple…

And that’s not all…

Here’s why so many people are raving about the SFM system and what you’ll be able to enjoy once you submit your application for access…

  • Twelve powerful potential income streams (and growing). Letting you have “multiple streams of income” – for ultimate financial security and wealth building. Including residual income!
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  • Recession-proof profits. (SFM has seen record growth during the current “great recession.”)

  • Zero experience necessary. (Can you use email? Surf the Web? Then you have all the “skills” you need to get started. However, you still must qualify.)
  • Your own copy of our fully integrated, “turn key” SFM system that generates your leads and then closes and sells them for you AUTOMATICALLY on AUTOPILOT. (We spent over $500,000 dollars building and perfecting this from scratch you can use it right out of the box as part of your membership.)
  • Professional business consultants doing all the “grunt work” selling for you. (No personal selling, convincing or explaining ever!)
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly what to do. (No tediously long “learning curves”, frustration or struggling to figure things out.)
  • Unlimited email and live chat support if you ever need it. (We don’t just leave you “hanging”, we WANT you to succeed.)
  • Access to our “member’s only” community forum. (You’ll be a part of our growing community with many highly successful home based business owners – including millionaires who work with us – freely and generously sharing their knowledge, experiences and ideas.)
  • Massive income potential. (Obviously we cannot guarantee your income, as that’d be illegal and unethical. But this system has generated six figure incomes in direct and passive income in less than ONE year for some of our  SFM members. So the sky truly is the limit.)
  • Time freedom. (“Full-time” is considered 12-15 hours a week by many of our members. You can use our system to replace your job income while working part-time from home, if you want. In fact, many members operate their businesses from a cell phone from work on their breaks or lunch hour!)
  • Mobility. SFM can be run from anywhere in the world with a phone and laptop.

  • Want to take a trip? No Problem. Take a week off? No Problem. The system will close your sales and generate income for you even if you’re out of town, spending time with your kids or curled up asleep on the beach!
  • Low cost to get started. (Far less than many other home based business opportunities – and especially far less money than starting a traditional business or getting a degree.)
  • Works fast. (You can get started in the next few minutes if you really have a fire to succeed in your belly!)
  • No binding contracts. (Members are free to terminate their memberships at any time without penalty.)
  • Works for both introverts and extroverts. (Including super shy “hermits” who hate talking to people!)
  • Designed for the average person, and assumes you know nothing about business, computers or sales whatsoever.
  • The average SFM member is 47 years old without any computer, sales or business experience.

  • It simply doesn’t matter how much you know or don’t know to do this business, as long as you qualify.
  • And much much more…
SFM business system

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#1 Internet Business Opportunity

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And you don’t have to give up your current job just yet and here’s exactly why

Any business starting requires a few things to get started, seed money, products and customers…

LET US HELP YOU GET STARTED with your internet business opportunity.

Seed money – my best advice is to start from the ground up, you can work part time whilst starting your online business, this will give you the seed money that is needed to get things started…And it doesn’t have to be long till you go full time online!

Products – This internet business opportunity will give you all you ever need to start earning money…

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Customers – We’ll train you to find leads and convert them into customers and raving fans!

Internet business opportunity
Internet business opportunity


  • How to generate as many leads as you can shake a stick at using your very own ready-made personal website
  • No boss, no time keeping –You run your own business from day one exactly how you want
  • Absolutely no tie in or contract – Stay as long as you want (when you start getting loads of commissions, I’m sure you’ll stay ;-)
  • Comprehensive coaching and guidance from experts who earn 7 figures from this internet business opportunity!
  • Ongoing live support and training – You’ll never be on your own.
  • You receive up to 100% commissions – No middle person taking 90% of your hard earned money.
  • No previous experience required – All the training you’ll ever need in one place at this internet business opportunity.


For every referral you introduce you will get paid a referral fee (affiliate commission) this could be anything from $10 – $1000 per sale! Where else can you get this sort of commission?



You could work from anywhere in the world (all I use is my laptop) and the best part is you don’t have to close any sales yourself, that is handled by professional business consultants or automated sales systems using the latest technology. Any referrals received from you will be passed directly to the consultants to begin working the lead immediately, you just have to send the inquiries and the rest is handled for you!


The current recessionary climate and increasing unemployment levels mean millions of people are rapidly waking up to the fact that they need to take control of their future.

Because this company effectively teaches people how to start a profitable online business with low overheads, more and more people are turning to them for guidance on how to get started online.

This ever increasing demand means that, whether there’s a recession or a booming economy, it’s always a profitable time to be involved in the Internet entrepreneur and home business seeking market.

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There are a few steps that you can take (starting right now) to put yourself in a position to make money online selling something to people who are searching for it.

Sounds simple?

YES of course it is…

I am going to grant you access to a great FREE online marketing course that thousands of people use to get started. The course is called “The SFM Marketing Bootcamp” and is completely and utterly free. All I need is your name and email address so I can send you instant access to the first video immediately.

Getting the course is easy…

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Six Figure Members/Elite Member

My Banner

How to start an Internet Business.

Written by Dick Scott

There are a lot of advices regarding how to start your own internet business both good and bad.

The bad advices are all around the internet promising a lot but deliver almost nothing. Then there are a few how has done the journey themselves and use their own experiences to teach and guide others. Two of the top internet entrepreneurs are Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek which both have amazing stories to tell about what is possible to achieve. They know all about how to start an internet business from scratch because they have struggled themselves.

Together they started The Six Figure Mentors which is a community for learning and implementing the same skills, tools and tactics that Stuart and Jay used to succeed both with their online business but furthermore also with self empowering and self development.

Start an internet business
Start an internet business

Personally i have never met such seriousity and dedication before and when i had filled in my application and got a phone call from a business coach in SFM i knew this was the real deal with real people and real results. If you are interested there are a free bootcamp with videos that explain what you can expect from SFM.

I could go in forever about this but in closing i just want to say that there are a lot of impasses and promises all over internet and i have tryed a lot before finding SFM but this is the one and only, nothing even comes close. I am truly excited and confident that starting with SFM is to be on the highway to success! Dont hesitate to receive Free information by clicking on this link.

Start An Internet Business and Live Life On Your Terms!

Yours Sincerely

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Dick Scott sv

Free Gift for your online success.

Written by Dick Scott.

The Six Figure Mentors is one of the fastest growing exclusive private communities on the internet today. SFM have helped thousands of people all over the world to succeed online. I can assure you that this is for real as Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek has gone from zero to success themselves and are now learning the skills needed. They also provide you with a complete marketing platform and education that is updated regularly.

Free gift
Free gift

They now offer a ultimate free gift

-for you who are eager to know more about how to live a laptop lifestyle. Stuart Ross will explain he´s secrets and skills that he has used to become one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs together with Jay Kubassek. Are you serious about starting an online business or learning internet marketing and earn while you learn then The Six Figure Mentors is for you.

The best part of this digital sale system is that you dont need your own product, you can plug into the same system that Stuart and Jay has used to make The Six Figure Mentors one of the fastest growing internet communities  today. Their goal is to help thousand people to create a digital life by 2015. You could be their next success story!

I am a Elite Member of The Six Figure Mentors  since september 2013 and i am impressed about the personal coaching and the complete marketing platform which is included in the membership. When i applied for membership and got a phone call from The Six Figure Mentors i started to believe that this was something special.

I hope you will accept this free gift

-that will learn you more about how to break free from the rat race and live the life you deserve.

 >I Accept this Free Gift from The Six Figure Mentors<

To Your Success!

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Dick Scott sv